Jul 19 2010Gettin' Stabby With Light: A Fiber Optic Knife


If you cut someone with a $165 fiber optic knife does it make it look like they were stabbed by rays of sunshine? It was Helios, I swear!

This green glass-bladed knife was made using the old ways, using the technique of knapping, which was used by our stone-age ancestors to shape stones into tools.

This is what I call my Fighting Knife design. The emerald green fiber optic blade makes this knife a rather striking display piece. I enjoy picking it up, feeling it weld to my hand and watching the blade shimmer and dance in the light.

You think these things are as untraceable as stabbing somebody with an icicle? I sure hope so. And I'm not just saying that because I ordered 1,000 and tracked all your IP addresses, but I did and I did and I've been fantasizing about stabbing you for months now. Remember in Fight Club after Tyler Durden beats that prettyboy's face to mush he explains he did it because he "just wanted to destroy something beautiful"? Well it's exactly like that except you should wear a bag over your head so I don't turn to stone.

Hit the jump for two more shots -- or should I say stabs?! No -- just stick to pictures? You're no fun.



Fiber Optic Glass Knife, Just Because [uberreview]

Thanks to Jessie, who once stabbed an enemy with a lightning bolt and blamed it on Zeus. Oh you're good.

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Reader Comments

Can you slit the throats of firsttards with it?

GW SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

LOL Agreed........

Hmm, i wonder if they could make a 2 handed sword next which would be covered in poison acid and flames that are blue, which would freeze you in ice and time making you younger by the second until you die of old age. that would be awesome.

@4 you need to write stories for anime.
@2,3 go fuck yourselves, trolls belong in /b/

Strange...I was Google searching knives, then I got bored and was like, "Wonder what Geekologie is up to now?". Save to say my mind is blown, twice, nay thrice.

@3 did you really just agree with yourself?

Looks like Lex Luthor has him a new kryptonite knife…

what so fiberoptic about it?

If there isn't an LED embedded in there, it isn't good enough.


GW didn't write a very descriptive article, but if you check out the source, the blade is made from a solid piece of fiber-optic glass.

Which is cool? Pretty cool I guess... That means the knife has... magic... light powers? That make it different from a regular knife made out of glass somehow?

LOL Agreed!

".... and I've been fantasizing about stabbing you for months now..." Okay but will you have this last slab of bacon with me, it's thick cut, real good for you, real healthy.

Way to spoil the twist in Fight Club, GW.

Bring me the son of Jor El...

Anyone know what happened to the original GW? This new guy is killing my buzz. Maybe I should shotgun another beer with one of these knives. BAM!

I thought that post had something to do with daisy.


it seems that I would be chopping or jabbing with a leaf on a stick. Unique design none of the less. I wonder if they'll make one from carbon fiber like those fancy pants coasters?

So that was Yoda's first lightsaber....

@7 Definitely.
When typing the @2 he edited the wrong field.

Thats even more pathetic than the firstards

"This green glass-bladed knife was made using the old ways, using the technique of knapping,"

Bollocks is it, Knapping is used to make flint tools, glass is far too weak and brittle, especially when that thin.

Making it from fiber optic glass does not make it a fiber optic knife.

That's like saying I can create a computerized turd by eating a bunch of microchips.

Oblivion anyone?

This is actually considered a crappy piece in the flint knapping world. Only beginners use glass for blades.

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Tyler Durden didn't beat the shit out of Jared Leto The Narrator did, read the credits.

Yeah that was totally my first thought. I think its pretty damn awesome because of that :)

@24--My thoughts exactly.
"Fiber optic glass" isn't like plate glass, it would be flexible and durable; however it's only fiber optic if there are actual optic fibers involved. Using a sheet of high-quality glass doesn't make it fiber optic. Still wouldn't want to get cut by that though, sharp and serrated=very bad wound

SPOILER ALERT: They're the same dude! Shocker, I know.


oblivion yessss glass dagger


So can i take it on aeroplanes?


@3... You just performed the forum way that is liking your own status on facebook.... it's like high-fiving yourself in public... FAIL

@20 LOL!

Id buy one of these if the damn thing wouldnt break the first time I used it.

@33 XD lol i must agree that metal detector are bullshit now but what for Xray???

the thing is, if you have one of these and your and you are an assassin, anykilling you may do in the dark/at night will be seen cause your brand new pointy knife is also a fibreoptic knife therefore you either get killed yourself or you fail in the business world of assassination cause you keep getting seen before you get to kill anyone...

YES, Oblivion. You guys said it before me but I was thinking the same fucking thing. Soon........... green glass mallets!

Nah, they're already rewriting Thor to include a green Mjolnir!

Great knife. Sure will be buying one for my kitchen.

Really want one of these in my new house. Would look great.

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