Jul 28 2010Don't Cry, Fail Whale: World's Oldest Twitter User Passes Away At Ripe Old Age Of 104


Seen here using a remarkably small font for a 400-year old, Ivy Bean, the world's oldest Twitter user, has passed away. Her tweets, and old-lady aroma, will be missed.

From the two-story care home where she lived in the northern English city of Bradford, 104-year-old Ivy Bean would tell her nearly 57,000 Twitter followers around the world what she did each day -- from eating fish and chips to sitting in the garden.

Bean's online activity drew headlines in recent years because of her age, and she had been called the world's oldest Twitter user, though that is difficult to verify. She became a member of Facebook at age 102, but she quickly migrated to Twitter because it was easier, she said, and because she could have more followers.

She had maxed out her friend limit on Facebook. Earlier this year, Bean tweeted that she had 25,000 pending friend requests.

Wait -- WHAT?! This ol' lady had 25,000 Facebook friend requests and I have to sell my ass on the street like a f***ing hotdog vendor to get you to join the Geekologie Facebook page? WHAT DOES SHE HAVE THAT I DON'T?! Style and grace? Okay what else? Dentures? Pfft -- you think I won't knock all my teeth out?! Somebody gimme an ice-skate, I'm about to 'Cast Away' this shit.

R.I.P. Ivy

Ivy Bean, 'world's oldest Twitter user,' dead at 104 [cnn]
The Geekologie Facebook Page, WHICH YOU WILL JOIN

Thanks to DC_Dewd, who may or may not have cybered with her at some point (he says he did).

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Reader Comments


yo know that moma was hitech, päjs!

@1 You are what you eat..... dick

Awwwww, cast away this shit.... thats makin my teeth hurt just thinking about it.... its like the scene from American History X.... ouch

Q: What do old people smell like?
A: Depends

Maaaan. I want to be old so when I do normal stuff I'll be instantly famous.

But srsly, my hat is off to this magnificent woman...

@4 nice

I'd hit it.... just sayin'
what, she's dead? soooo, would you not?

"Cast Away' this shit." HAHAHAHAHA OMG So funny!!!




R.I.P Ivy, I once read one of your tweets. You were sweet and naive to the wonders of the Internet, :(

twitter.... when useless information suddenly meant something
twitter..... don't you feel important doing the usual nothing every day?
twitter..... because myspace & facebook just weren't enough

Ivy wants me to tell all of you that she never actually sent any tweets. She used to sprinkle bird seed on her keyboard and her budgie simon would peck at the keys randomly. With all that she still managed to be more coherent than Ashton Kutcher.

And Michael Jackson is still dead.

Come on man.. Old lady smell? A little unnecessarily mean spirited. Leave that crap for the comment toilet. It'll show up on its own.

At least they have the interwebz in teh old folks home... Glad she didn't shy away from the technology.

@14 gimme a break, grow a pair and man up, its all about entertainment.

Although I don't tweet I woulda followed this woman, aged roast beef aside I think its pretty cool.

Striking down old people is twitter's only legitimate purpose.

RIP Ivy, that said...sooo... this geekologie face book..is it real??

Facebook is just no...
Go out and talk to your friends if you want to...

@18 Geekologie on facebook..... or somethin


Grandma looks like birthay dog !

@18 yes it is. I just became a fan a few days ago. you should as well

R.I.P. whoever i dint get years to knew, 104...i can beat that just w8 101 more years! anyone wanna compete? facebook, why not fanbook, thats most of its use(include gameing)

I wonder if before she tweeted "I'm dyingggg..." before she pass away

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