Jun 22 2010Unholy Mashup: Star Trek & Ke$ha's 'TiK ToK'


Note: Video is after the jump because Ke$ha sucks at music.

Somebody (Youtube user MissSheenie) went and searched through original Star Trek footage to sync to Ke$ha's crappy hit 'TiK ToK'. This is the resulting music video. Admittedly, MissSheenie did a great job, but I can't help but hate Ke$ha. And not just because she has a dollar sign in her name and an ass that looks like two sad pancakes, but that certainly doesn't help. God, remember when it took actual talent to get a record deal? Now all it takes is f***ing wingdings in your name.

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to Alicia and robnob, whose parents raised them to never trust anybody with anything but letters in their name.

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Reader Comments



har har haaaar



that was funny

How could you not like that song.

Although I admit the KeyOfAwesome parody is even better.

Simpson's did it better


As much as I hate to admit it, I quite like this song, s'catchy as hell.

And I have to give them kudos, this makes Star Trek look pretty badass, way more exciting than it actually is.

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Goddamnit, this song just reminds me of work. Would have been better if it were Star Wars.

Is it coincidence that there's a spam advert for inter-racial dating in the comments for a video of Star Trek?

crap crap crap

not even creative.... crap song is CRAP & star trek is for NERDS

Can anyone please tell me why someone hasn't killed Ke$ha yet?

Ke$ha isn't dead yet because anytime someone tries to take her out, they're blinded by her ugliness. And that mashup was good. Brightened my 9 to 5.

One, Star trek sucks, and two, Chrispy Dubstep remix is WAY better....

back in my day, music sounded good

This one is soo much better


OMFG thats just wrong :S

In the meantime...


Dude. Nostalgia. I suddenly want to go back and watch every episode. IT'S A BRAINWASHING TOOL CREATED BY WILLIAM SHATNER! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

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Now you have an excuse to listen to that song despite braying about how much better than it you are. "Yo I hate this song but check out this STAR TREK SHIT OMFG!!"

OMG My brother LOVES star trek...LOLOLOLOL

I couldn't make it through the whole video.

Prior to this, I had not been exposed to this Ke$ha individual. I just... quote from Wilson on House: "A profit-seeking entity released this?"

Jesus Christ. Apparently I should stop trying to write good music and just urinate directly into a microphone.

Ke$ha = Gaga wannabee. That's not a compliment. To either.

that was actually entertaining ^_^

Come on GW. You talk crap out Kesha, but you put that shitty ass beatboxing on the top 8 "So freaking cool" section? Kesha sucks, but the song is catchy and the video is funny. Beatboxing is for people who have a talent for doing something gross that they should keep to themselves. I'm excellent at masturbation, but you don't see me youtubin' it.*

*(they took it down)


@ 27. Lmega5 - Gaga = Madonna wannabe. I don't really see too much Gaga in Ke$ha, but I admittedly like Ke$ha's music. Forgive me everyone.

My last comment was actually directed @ 26. jumpin_j
My bad.

what I like about this video is that the audio track seems to be a somewhat shorter version of the original Tik Tok. I applaud the OC for his/her good taste.

In an ideal world, the song would be further shortened to 0:05, just long enough for Ke$ha to say, "I'm a talentless whore" before it ends.

I tried to resist but i'm starting to like this song. someone kill me please.

@8 you win 1 free internet!

Will there ever be a video that you don't have to jump for anymore? What's with having to write a note every time? I think people can figure it out when they see a still image.

Wait, WHAT? Either someone's parents didn't raise them right or she actually IS brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack. This site is called GEEKOLOGIE! If anything its regulars should love Star Trek and hate useless trash like Ke$ha, and not the other way around.

Meh, they did okay outting the clips to match the song but it was 2 things that suck, start trek and Ke$ha so..MEH


@21: Gene Roddenberry.

LOL LOL LOL!~~~~~~~~~

Feelings about Ke$ha and Star Trek aside, this was just a really poorly done mash up.

Nice, between that and the naked rock band milf, I think I can make it another day.
Good work fighting Dead Summer GW!

Last time I checked those twinkly things in the sky are supposed to be stars.

Its a work of art! Hate the song, love the editing. Shamefully, I've watched it several times.

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HAHAHAHA, check this one out.
It's to that We No Speak Americano songggg.

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