Jun 18 2010Official Starcraft II Commercial Released


Note: Commercial is after the jump because it looks so good you might just want to kiss it and I can't have you frenching the front page. I don't know where your lips have been!

Starcraft II, it's coming. Specifically, on July 27th. Will your pants survive the wait or will your boner destroy them in a fit of nerdy rage anticipation? I've opted to go pantless until August just to be on the safe side. Not that this little guy could do any real damage, but still. Isn't that right, little guy? *penis typing* NIPS OR GTFO.

Oh real mature!

Hit it for the short, but badass looking commercial.

Official Site

Thanks to ryan and Julian, who have already been playing the beta. Oh yeah? Well I played the alpha. Yeah yeah, and beat it. Everything. Saved the princess and all that shit. Twice.

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Reader Comments

This game is going to suck balls.

I got addicted to it when my boyfriend got bored of the beta. then they shut down the beta leaving me wanting more, probably just before being bored with it too. Def. won't buy it, but if someone around me is desperate enough to buy it, guess whose getting a new best gal pal.

I had a blast playing the standard game at first but got burnt out real quick, but when the custom maps came out i had even more fun with those. The potential maps that people can make with the awesome map creator is crazy. I will eventually buy it but not on my "omg i have to buy list."

Nova? <3


watch me care

This game is going to balls suck

I have the beta. It's the same as the original. There's no reason to upgrade.


damn.... no ipad version...oh well, haterss...

Ew #2 is gay, he must suck balls just like this game

is Morgan Freedman the narrator at the end...GOD SUPPORTS STARCRAFT GUYS! REVOLUTION!

Note: video is on second page so GW can earn more advertising money

Note 2: chrome + adblock.

@1- AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
did your hear that? *sob* That was my heart breaking into two bite-sized iPhone-shaped peices! How could you say such a thing? that statement makes my eyes rain.

Luckly Activision knows better to mess with Blizzard. Just look what Activision did to Infity Ward {Modern Warfare 2} after the game MADE over $1 billion dollars! They fired the CEO and the #2 guy and tried to pocket the money.

Then after everyone got fired and/or quit, they said they are making ANOTHER 3 Call of Duty games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, some MMORPG style and an action adventure game! It's sad how much they are milking that cash cow... and to top it off, they sold twice, two map packs for $15! They said you got a total of 5 maps, but they were so lazy they ported two crappy ass maps from part 1 and then gave you three crap maps.

It sold over 3 million and people cried that it was a rip off, and it was... but since people are ignorant, they did it AGAIN and guess what?! They sold another several million!

I mean, if people are stupid enough to spend over $90 on a game, so be it. Look at Rock Band and those types of games... with DRM, they make you not only buy the game, but each "instrument" that can cost up to $100 plus EACH song! Some people have spent well over $500 on rock band.

Like I said though, I'm glad that Activision knows better to mess with Blizzard.

First offfffff. I found this site yesterday (guess who's late to the noob parade!?)
I love it.
Fourth. I played the first one for awhile, quit until I met my boyfriend who plays religiously once a year for a month.
And I'm in love again. And he's pretty cool tooooo. :P
So Starcraft II.. Here I come! Also Morgan Freedman <3
Lastly. #7 should kick his own soccer balls.

FUCKING WIIIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!1!!!1!!!!1!1!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant wait til that comes out, i personally loved Starcraft 1 and Broodwars

Also that looks epic like some new movie. Hmmm... not a bad idea actually , they should make a movie, the story is certainly interesting enough and judging by some of the story of SC2 that was leaked it would definately be long enough

Alex, the archive is great. They can make a movie out of the Archive. Which I've wished they wood for awhile now. :[

I got into the Beta.

It's EXACTLY the same as the first game, just with better graphics. (and a nice soundtrack)

I really cannot believe that it's taken them so long to produce it. Unless the single-player campaign is just MIND BLOWING, I'm gonna wait to buy this till it's down to $20 or so.

The female ghost in that video is Kerrigan, pre-infestation, if anyone is interested. I'm assuming that one of the cutscenes is going to be a re-enactment of that Terran vs Protoss mission where Kerrigan gets abandoned by Mengsk. If you look at it again, you'll see that she's alone and being swarmed by Zerg, just as it was depicted in-game.

And yes, this game is so weak compared to other Blizzard offerings. Single Player had better dazzle. And paying for 2 expansions? They're kidding themselves. What a revolting money grab.

And yes, this commercial appeared a week ago.

Haters gonna hate.
This game makes me cream my pants. Who cares if it sucks, the waiting is awesome.

my caring must be a vampire... cause i can't see that shit in the mirror.

Beta is awesome, well the menu layout isn't but the custom maps and ladders are beast ; ) plat league!

zerg rush should be taken out.

you are about a week late on this GW. I am disapointed

NERDY RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I'm good now.

Bout time!

This commercial went up OVER A WEEK AGO...

Yeah, I saw this a loonnnggg time ago. And yes, I do want a cookie.

is this where I post for free balls? I want free balls 3 balls is not enough! I need seven then I make a wish, and that wish is for this game to come out 10 years ago when I still cared. Oh and for dinosaurs to roam the earth again so i can get some of that sweet dino tail, and im not talking sex. Tail stakes are yummy.

@15 totally agree with you there

That is NOT Morgan Freeman.

Freeman, not Freedman.

as beautifully done as that commercial is I refuse to buy anything created by Blizzard.

wait, those zerg look suspiciously like Tyranids...

must be a coincidence.

cool, this game is insane

Looks good to me. I'll buy it. =)

Too bad the new battle.net completely blows. SC1 had better online multiplayer support.

yeah im glad i got out of mw2 when i did, right b4 the map packs launched, i went to gamestop, exchanged, and got bad company 2, only free maps so far. i have no complaints :)

The only reason the wait was so long is because Blizzard was too busy jerking off the WoW money bull. Then they take a line from C&C and just maintain the status quo and update the graphics. The only thing that would improve a RTS and make it more interesting would be completely reinventing the layouts and the way the game is played. Not just throwing in a few new units and shinier graphics. Blizzard cares nothing about the quality of the games they make. They have completely spoiled themselves with the success of WoW. Maybe after 3 more WoW expansions and 5 or so SC2 expansions we can see how little they care about the Diablo franchise.

@39 With starcraft first nothing of the actually story line has been released so you can have no say on that. Secondly it's a bloody RTS all you can do to it to make it better is either A throw in a new species or B add some new units with some kick ass graphics. So you're not being critical of the game just an ass. Thirdly yes they're taking their sweet ass time for Diablo but more than likely their just pumping time and money into it. Diablo is a massive RPG with a massive fan base. If they mess up with D3 they'll surely hear about it. So if they are smart that's why they're taking their time with it. Oh and finally as you said change the whole layout to make it better is the worst idea I've heard in a long time. The layout has always been complex enough to keep you entertained while keeping it simple as not to confuse the players. Changing it would be suicidal and is the reason why most games don't change the layout, and it smart for it. Sick to something that people already love and just add to it to make it better man.

fuckable infested kerrigan is fuckable

OK I think blizz screwed the pooch on this 1I played the single multi player beta bla bla blah and it doesnt feel that difrent but I still enjoy playing Brood wars so im at a loss still I think im waiting for a battle chest on this one. Maybe Ill play kotor again that should take another 10 years.

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SC1/BW is still the gold standard for RTS, so Blizzard was right not to change it too much. But having played a lot of beta, SC2 does play very differently, and a lot more newb friendly. This game is going to sell like hotcakes.

People seem to be forgetting one of the most major aspects of SCII's design and marketing: Korea.

Blizz has tuned SCII to be as near-perfect an RTS as it can be. Koreans still play SCI religiously, they broadcast the shit on TV! The entire country is gonna shut down for business for a week when SCII goes on shelves. That's because its an E-sport to them, whereas, for us Americans its just updated graphics, some new units, and hopefully some great single player campaigns.

Blizz has stated many times before that the approach they took to creating SCII was HEAVILY focused on optimizing the multiplayer experience, over nearly everything else. It will still be a great game, no doubt. Just don't whine that its "just Starcraft with better graphics"

looks so fucking much like final fantasy....

It's a RTS game. Get over it. Next.....

it doesn't matter if it's just a visual upgrade to the original...

following up on the mythology and storyline is the biggest part of a sequel to me.

How can so many people on here not be excited for this, You’re reading GEEKologie after all...

The story line of the original was amazing, and Blizzard has made enough changes to the game that the strategy behind the game play is completely revamped (i.e. no more mass carrier's!!). I cant wait for the rest of the story

If you don’t like playing RTS fine, but stfu if you don’t know anything about the game

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