Jun 24 2010Now That's Just Good Parenting: Playing Rock Band Butt-Ass Naked In Front Of Your Kids


Note: Video is after the jump because I'm a firm believer in never-nudity.

This is a video of a fit looking mom playing the Rock Band drums butt-ass naked in front of her children. Now I'm not saying I'm gonna befriend these kids so I can come over and join the band, but they better keep a fridge full of Sunny-D.

Hit it for 17-seconds of not your mom.


Thanks to Jason, mario's lovechild, Christina, The Poo Guru (WTF?!) and aaron, whose moms used to play Pac-Man naked in front of them and they all turned out fine. Except Poo Guru (his mom accidentally shat the couch). That explains it!

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whats the big deal?

Umm wow?

stupid nudists, stupid first-tard.

I fapped to this before I even clicked on the link!

The shadows are all wrong.

I wish I was that pillow

@2 ...see, the big deal is, she's naked, and this isn't milf hunter.

I wish I was thoses drumsticks =D

Also the camera, and the table, and one of the 2 kids, and pretty much everything in this room.

so waii..... who's mom is that & where do they live? ..does she need a backup guitarist?

i love hot moms...this is the best video ever...

You can totally see side boob at 4 seconds. I'm complaining to YouTube (that there's not more of this video from a different angle).

@9 you wish she was smashing your cock against fake drum set? Just trying to understand...

@2 The big deal is the this 16 second video is going to cause 16 years of therapy for these two little kids. :P

To those that always comment that, "The shadows are wrong"...

I hope GW comes into your home and shoves a 3' dildo up your ass so it comes right out your cock sucking mouth.

You guys are LOSERS.

I don't think that's Rock Band.

@15 its an inside joke here that is as old as the day is wide.... just sayin

@11 whose.... how could I let that one slide?
@15 blog here much?

nm that looks like the ion drum rocker

She's actually pretty good at rock band for a stark naked mom.

Long last the robots!

The shadows are actually correct.

@15 I can't read your comment, the shadows are all wrong.



What if it's the nanny or something?

That's kind of cool. I bet they throw bitchin' BBQs.

@23 I know an analrapist who is also a "never-nude".... just sayin

fap fap fap fap fap all over your face


@15 - your small intestine is a windy road of 20 feet or so not to mention your large intestine, stomach, and esophagus, so you would need a lot longer dildo unless you just planned to take the rip shit direct route.

Either way, I suppose you have dildos of varying lengths laying all around your parent's basement.

show me those tits and pussy, yumm


Fake and gay.

That's guiar hero... just saying

Are we sure this is the mom? Or the girl that daddy has come over to hang out while mommy is at work? She's too hot to have kids lol.

Hoping that's the babysitter, not that my parents ever hooked me up like that.

You can tell the kid crouched between the couch and the table knows something isn't right.

@15 unfortunately for you I'm sober now and can throw a mean insult your way...

Your name is ghey go fuck my empty bottle of sailer jerry. You must have an IQ of 95 (which is prolly the year you born) because you clearly don't know to punctuate properly. Also you obviously know very little about the human anatomy, unless you mean to imply you'd like the dildo to pierce through digestive organs. And my final point is this: GW wouldn't be able to do that becuase he's already on his way to your home in prolly somehwere
gay, minnesota to bludgeon you to death with his own cock, which btw is larger than your 3' dildo so... GOOD DOUCHEFAG!!


@35 I'm glad you insult someone for their grammar mistakes and say "prolly" twice in your post. Grammar FTW!

That's okay, we can always throw that pillow out

I say my parents naked all the time. Never really thought much of it. Oh God it's coming back to me....."speed dials therapist"

fake and hetero.


MMMMMMMMMMMM Incesty fresh!

@37 - 35 also said "sailer".

I'd like to see her play Harmonica hero, with one of those harmonica face-straps, and her hands tied behind her back. naked.

@17 You know, I kind of miss Daisy now that you mention it....

Maybe they are a house of nudists?

Laughs @ 15 and all the rest of the would-be-trolls, getting all excited about grammar. Then turning around and pointing out spelling errors. When grammar is basically rules in which you should form sentences by. Not the spelling. You should just know how to spell, because frankly it isn't that hard with the inter-web sitting at your fingertips. Question, how many times did you re-read your comment? Be honest now. Quit bickering, its probably giving G.W. a stiff veined bastard watching you guys bicker for approval.

*Navigate from the youjizz and read a book.*

It's like a porn scene gone all wrong. I bet the scenario went like this.

(Father and Nanny completed jizz scene)
Father: Go get me a sandwich!
Nanny: Ok.
(Nanny walks out to find child playing Guitar Hero)
Nanny: Sweet! I wanna play.
(Sits on table and places pillow afterward to avoid clean up)
(Father walks out to find Nanny playing Guitar Hero and takes picture)

That is Casey La Scala's wife, Erin Murphy aka Erin La Scala


This is a complete Photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja told Max she loves the smell of Del Tacos. So he smeared some taco on himself one day when they were going on a hike, thinking it would make him irresistible to her. Unfortunately Dan and Larry were hiking ahead of them and Dan's odor was so bad that Baja couldn't smell Max at all.

DAIIIIISSYYYYY YEEAAAAAA!!!! (oh god I hope you're the real thing)

What a cute little hippie family! I aspire to raise a hippie family myself someday...

Wait! Wait! Wait! How did Minnesota end up getting blamed for the numnut @15? Unless I've missed some comments and he's posted before (which is entirely possible) I don't think we should be penalized for his ignorance.
I'm just sayin' ... or somethin

@16 It is Rock Band. Those are the Ion Drums, and are only "really" compatible with Rock Band. And spending that much on nice drums that only partially work with Guitar Hero would be ridiculous. Also, I don't think "Play that Funky Music" is on Guitar Hero.


Okay, maybe it is on Guitar Hero 5... but still. Those drums were made for Rock Band.

is this really worth posting? is this some type of uptight american issue!?

@53 sorry M8, I meant no offense to people in minnesota, that was just random ranting lol

3 W – Interracial Searching.com C -O- M}) Interracial is not a problem there, but a great merit to cherish!
You are guaranteed to be your r the one of them.

Imagine how pissed she's gonna be when she finds out this is on the internet....

@54-5 the drums might not 'be' for Guitar Hero but they work absolutely fine with the series. even without cymbal attachments (you're just WAY busier on the yellow pad). which reminds me, i really need to rotate them on my kit.

anyone else disappointed at the lack of side boob / nipple action?



I don't see what the problem is. This is hardly giong to scar her children. They probably wont even remember this. Pretty funny though :).

No. I'm quite sure the shadows are all right in this one.

....does she also play the skin flute?

Lol, am I the only one who noticed the Arrested Development Never-Nude joke in the blurb?

What is the big deal?

@14 Why would the kids need therapy? What the hell is wrong with nudity?

I fail to understand our culture where nudity is taboo but you can see people getting blown away every night on TV. The human body in all it wonder and beauty is somehow wrong but blood and guts are fine? If there was less violence and more nudity the whole world would be a better place.

FIRST! OH shit!


Every Tuesday...

@ glad someone's around here with brains to answer to that stupid posts about "therapy for the kids".." oh, the lack of moral","disturbing" etcetc...

I am pretty sure those guys posting have issues from childhood because their parent were wearing Burkas to give them shower... or worst, they had Sunday school everyday, until their brain melted... and they repeated the process over and over again... and today..... they walk among us...

@67 ROFL. I don't like firstards, but that's actually funny.


to the people who say there is nothing wrong would you say the same thing if it was a father with two girls ?

Good God, get this lady some cut-offs.


Shocking to see the abuse of the children.

I don't know what's worse.

That pathetic attempt at an insult being the best you can manage or you being so proud of your lameness that you boast about how good it is.

omg, under their clothes, everyone is nekkid!

Those kids were photoshopped in. I can tell because the lighting is all wrong.

#46, quite possibly. Nothing wrong with that besides douchenozzles that freak on it. Grow up, children. Become comfortable with yourself.

Oh, and #'s 66 & 69, good call. People with problems. They'll die old and lonely.

I can't stop watching this in the hopes that eventually I will see boobs or bush....


The Aristocrats!

Am I the only one that looked at that fireplace and went OMFG that things huge!?

No i'm not gay, it was noticed after replaying it for the nth time.

MILF. at 04 =)


What a fuckin skank. Those poor children will be scarred. I can't wait til karma punches her sluty ass in the face.

definitely was/is not a hippy at all, or on acid.

#86, I feel sorry for your pitiful attitude. People like you are what cause the problems of this world.

Thats Erin La Scala

Oh shut up about people being blown away on television every day - What a load of crap!! Thats freaking Hollywood dufus! The naked body is beautiful - yeah right - too bad the body is attached to a numb skull with a personality issue
Grow up!!!

i dont mand being naked in front of my child.my child is now 13 and he has seen me totally nude.he also touches me when i am naked and enjoy's touching my breast and all my body.we even bath togther.when he is bored , i becoming naked in front of him, to entertain him.when we are in bed i take out my clothes and he laughs.

i am a 18 year girl.but i too live naked in front of my 14year old brother.we too bath togther on sundays.i dont mind when he sucks my breast or toushes my vagina just for fun.i don't were any clothes at home till there is a guest.even he don't mind when he hold his penis in my mouth.i am naked in front of my father and mother and my brother.i sleep with him naked.

i would love to be there playing (with her). when her asscrack gets sweaty i would clean it with my tounge. i want to spread her cheeks and lick her asshole. i would make her sit her sexy ass on my cock.

it narmal being naked in fron of our known people.i am 16,my elder sister is 18 and my smeller sister is 15 and we all three take both together as our bath tub can fit 3 people.my elder and smaller sister dosen't mind it i touch their breast, vigina or on their nude body,instead they feel happy.even i allowed the to play with my penis and balls. so we are entertaining each other showing naked body.

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