Jun 7 2010Looks Distracting: The Busty Arcade Controller


They just installed these at my local arcade, they're really great. One minute I'm kickin' ass at Street Fighter, the next my character isn't moving, I'm drooling, and my boner's spelunking for quarters in the change return.

Closest He Is Getting To The Real Thing [thereifixedit]

Thanks to Bill, who's inspired me to make a male version (I'm gonna paint my wiener red and lay real still).

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Reader Comments

yay boobs!

The nipples should have been buttons.

GW i'm deeply in love with you!!! marry me pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!

mmmmm boobies...

Mmmmmhhhh !

This isn't stupid at all.

@3..... gay....


she is a black magin woman....


Wooh, nice collar bones. And that supra-sternal notch drives me wild!

The Teaser: ∩┌┐┌┐┌┐
The Pleaser: ∩∩┌┐┌┐
The Shocker: ∩∩┌┐∩
The Spocker: ∩∩__∩∩
The Rocker: ∩∩∩__∩
The show stopper: ∩__∩∩∩
The WTF: ∩__∩∩∩_∩∩___∩∩∩_∩∩


I would so take a huge shit on that controller

I would so stick a carved pumpkin on that neck and tongue the nose hole.
I would so tape that controller to R2D2 and play with the joystick all night.
I would so paint Neytiri on that controller and then lay my head against it.
I would so bring that controller to my parent's and introduce it as my girlfriend.
I would so have children with that controller and make it my life partner.

Yeah Baby!!! >.<

Joystick and buttons should have been mounted lower so in order to use it you have to cup the right boob and the joystick would be like a giant nipple.

full sanwa ?

I would so poop on your house
I would so derail a train with my penis & eat the engine before it cooled
I would so make dirty love to that broken television
I would so use your daughter as a chipping wedge in a tournament
I would so ride that thing sweaty like a child on a carnival ride

Way to objectify women.

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