Jun 17 2010It'd Look Better On A Whale Tail: Car Thong


Because classiness knows no bounds, here's a car thong. Or maybe somebody stole a pair of your girlfriend's panties out of the dryer and slapped them on their Subaru. Hoho -- burn! Whatever the case, that car needs to learn how to wipe.

Car Thong [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Emanuel, who sniffed them and said they smell like gas. Gross!

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not first

dirty car

Is I-Am-Bored.com another sister site of Geekologie.com?

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wouldnt a matching car bra go well with it?

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Sexy saber.
Sexy saber who?
Sexy Sabaru in panties.

Give me gas, baby.

if you were gonna spend all that time dreaming up something creative, you would think they would pay the 5 bucks to wash the car at a gas station. weirdos

I think the dirts part of the pun. :)

That pic looks sooooo East Coast. Tons of filthy slush on the roads. Salt spraying everywhere.

Funny aside, the only thing in my head is " OH MY GOD YOU CAN'T SEE OUT THE BACK WINDOW!!"

@6 Dishy

Sexy sabaru in panties , give me gas baby.

OMG Dishy, I agree, you are outed as male.

No bra? It needs to get a ticket for indecent exposure, this isn't Europe.

Or maybe it is. Guess I didn't consider where the picture was taken.

I'd tap that

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Yes. there are arseholes alive and with £20 to spend on a disposable camera.

Anyone who thinks said assholes should be mentioned is the next missing link.

@11 Nail, "saber who" -> "Subaru". I know it's lame, but it's original.
@12 Marcus, that's what everyone on chatroulette says.

>Looks so East Cost

It's actually Russia :-) The car on the very left is VAZ 2108, and the white "minivan" is GAZ Gazel', both are used and produced only in the former USSR. The banners at the back are also very Rus.

Better Question: Does the car bra match the car panties?

That's almost enough for me to have sex with a subaru, but not quite enough...I only fuck hondas

... im pretty sure those panties belong to my obese aunt gertha. oh god, get them off your head gw!!!

... im pretty sure those panties belong to my obese aunt gertha. oh god, get them off your head gw!!!

@21 shelbon,
car racist

my car is rather the gentleman sporting a top hat, monocle, and death ray.

How about on a whale's head instead?

(Note the staff's t-shirts)


ya, i remember when i bought you that hunk of meat and you were so excited to get it home and undress in bed and lay next to it.... you should have seen your face....

it would be funny if the car also had some truck nuts to make it a cross dressing car

it would be funny if the car also had some truck nuts to make it a cross dressing car

Why is that car so dirty?

it would be funnier if the car had monkeys on top with cap guns and smurf weapons re-inacting saving private ryan while drunk.... just saying....

@30 She is dirty because she like the attention. Her dad never was around and her mom hates her. She thinks being dirty is a way for guys to like her.

That’s what you meant right? - No? WTF why do I always screw up.. Now I want to be dirty.

@STOMPY I was that hunk of meat if ya know what I'm sayin

Hellooooo friday, I'm drinking today starting right now, WHOS IN??

next post is next or somethin

Good morning all. @ naas, with all your DJ background, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind suggesting some good trance music to someone (me) who does a lot of cross country but can't run without headphones. thanks.

try paul oakenfold, kinda old school but I still enjoy it, naas will probably only suggest drum and bass and whatever is playing in the Japanese tv show initial D... although nothing makes you feel like you took way too much speed and beer than initial D music....

@35 depends on what kind of trance you like... commercial/vocal trance? hard trance/UK hardhouse? acid trance? psytrance? progressive trance?

email me (emailnaas@yahoo.com) and let me know what you're into & not into and I will try and help you out

@STOMPY Oakie has some miles on him & by that I mean his progressive sound..... but I know some people really like that. I'm more of the John 00 Flemming type if ya know what I mean

Thanks STOMPY and naas, and I'll take you up on the e-mail, cheers.

@ 31 It would only be funnier if the monkeys had on truck nuts too...

The dirt makes you not want to trade paint with a bumper that big. What happened to a car douche first before putting on those big shirley thongs. She's got no plates either....must be a fugitive car on the run.

Somewhere out there a very large & angry woman is looking for her thong right now ....just sayin

Emanuel was wrong. I smelled the too, smells more like that BioDiesel crap Willie Nelson was selling

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