Jun 26 2010I Vote Yes: Will It Blend? iPhone 4 Edition


Note: Video is after the jump because I already had like six fanboys call me crying last night after the iPhone sniping. It was pathetic.

Seen here looking remarkably like John Gosselin taking a pounding to the mangina (and loving it), Tom from Blendtec is back to wreck an iPhone 4. Will it blend? Of course it will. But this video has an extra "movie" aspect to it where Tom explains where he got the phone. It sucked and I didn't watch it. Like, any of it. " Oh really -- then how'd you get the screenshot, GW?" IT'S CALLED MAGIC STUPID.

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to SUMMER, Jordan and Uncle_FUJ, who once blended their enemy's hands and drank them like smoothies. Holy shit.

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Reader Comments

Bligitty blend son!!

we get it.. everything blends

i wanna punch him in the face so bad

But can this blender blend another blender?

Tom is credit to good team!

they should try to blend the microwave from SIMT


@4 ROFL id love to see this kind of pub to show which one is the boss just make a bigger blender that blend competitor blender could be the same whith all electro why not a dishwasher washing another dishwasher?? err no wait we wanna destroy the enemy not clean it so err... a microwave microwaving another >:D

he should blend his blender

You just gotta respect a company that not only continues to blend shiny new trinkets, but follows tech industry news as well. Kudos Blendtek, if the economy weren't shoved in the sinkhole in backyard right now you'd totally have my business (all $400 of it)

I wish his sleeve would've got caught in the blender. Don't judge me, you were all thinking it.

He should put his head in that thing and blend some fat chunks off his stupid smelly face.

Finally! Now that I know it blends, I 'll definitely buy one!

:P i wanna see him blend a wow authenticator, or a gaggle of them

FIRST!!.....wait....fuck =[

we're going to regret these videos when the robot apocalypse comes



Much like the sniper video, this is yet another fitting end to a crappy iProduct.

Shit, why didn't he cram a couple more Icraps in there. There was plenty of room!

@ 16 robots or zombies...what if robots were lazy and made zombies to do their dirty work (NY ascent)?

Nice I like to blend blend blend also hohoho


Watched in 1080HD for maximum satisfaction! has to be done.

lol. zombie robot apocolypse.

I think he looks more like Gilbert Gottfried in that screenshot...

this is just wasteful to do this. but it is good advertising. pretty funny commercial.

What fascinating and unpredictable comments these are!

He should blend one of the botz from: http://www.geekologie.com/2010/06/do_not_approve_creepy_robot_da.php

I think Tom needs to blend a Blendtec blender.

Let's blend the firstards!

Must be nice to have so much money you can piss it away doing stupid shit.

I hate seeing these, what i would give for half the shit he blends

man his blenders off the hook.

That is one of the most stupid things I've ever seen. If you put anything into a blender, it's going to be destroyed. Waste of time.

@ 34 ....no shit

i fucked his mother, but thats not why he looks like a fuckin shit-face; it's because he licks goats - retard !


Youtube or it didn't happen!

I can't believe people got upset with this guy! The iPhone is Jesus, you drones! Hahaha, stupid...

Have they ever showed it blending ice? I bet that damn thing blends everything but ice.

Gotta hate the guy that makes the video descriptions on this site. The blendtech guy is awesome. lot cooler than your 30 year old basement livin' pasty ass.

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