I Want Purple!: A Visual Guide To Lightsabers

June 24, 2010


Because geeks like arguing about things to show off their intellectual superiority (think nerdy peacocks), here's a visual guide to lightsabers so you can prove you're right when arguing with a fellow Star Warser at the bar over a cold Mountain Dew. That's cool and all, but you want to know how to instantly win any lightsaber argument at the bar? Shatter a f***ing stool over your friend's head. BOOM! Not only did you just win the fight, you sent your friend to the hospital where he'll have plenty of time to contemplate the error of his ways. You know, or plot revenge.*

*Geekologie not responsible for your murder.

Lightsaber Chart Will Spark Endless Fights Over Who Bagsies Which 'Saber [gizmodo]

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