Jun 1 2010How Big Is A Yottabyte? SPOILER: Huge


Yottabytes, best known for being the only bytes named after a Star Wars character, are large. How large? A quadrillion gigabytes large. Huge byte is huge, needs less teeth.

As of 2010, no system has yet achieved one yottabyte of storage. In fact, the combined space of all the computer hard drives in the entire world does not amount to even one yottabyte. According to one study, all the world's computers stored approximately 160 exabytes [exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes] in 2006. As of 2009 the entire internet was estimated to contain close to 500 exabytes.

Dayamn -- I wish I was your lover. I'd rock you till the daylight comes, a-dum-dum-dum-doot-doot-dum-dum. Hell yes I just belted out a tasty Sophie B. Hawkins jam. Don't judge.

How Big is a Yottabyte? [buzzfeed]

Thanks to jimmy jazz, who's praying for the day yottabytes Jar Jar's face off for being such an annoying-ass bitch.

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who names this stuff?

A lot of animals need to be killed to make petabytes

So what we can learn from this is, that you can buy delaware and rhode island for 100 trillion dollars...

how bigs a pedobyte

Thats a Yotta Bytes

That's 1073000000000000000000000 bytes! Still not even close to a Googlebyte but by that time, Google will have eliminated the need for need to text or conversations (everything will be mentally transmitted ideas and concepts). It won't be until there's a Googleplexabyte that things really start getting weird....

I love you.

Oh God, Thank you so much, GW, for saying quadrillion and not billion-billion or some stupid crap like that.

That's my number 3 pet peeve in writing behind mistaken homophones and unfunny false information.

I'm more impressed that the US and EU have half of the worlds GDP. Did not know that.

don't care one iotabyte

kinda funny how a yottabyte is soo big and yoda is soo small lmaoooo

Wait, what? This thing doesn't even exist and we're marvelling at how massive it is? How about a Trudobyte, Which is a quadrillion Yottabytes? That's REALLY huge!

Have you heard of a Crondophant? It's like an elephant, but the size of 20,000 elephants.

To get dorky (I'm saying, it IS geekologie), I don't think these graphs accurately account for scaling- ie, a terabyte drive is $100, but a 2 terabyte drive is only about $150. On top of that, the amount of real estate needed to house the same amount of data is exactly the same.

On top of that, this ignores the amount of data "in the tubes". While there's a ton of data on drives, the amount of data being transferred at any given second is incredible. I'd like to see THAT graph!

I ate an entire Crondophant by myself. Then I went to McDonalds for some Ogre-load.

i have 42 Yottabytes of porn and a forearm the size of a redwood tree

Too bad you can't boot from anything bigger than four terabytes right now anyway...

Well look at it this way: In 1956 the IBM 350 was a "lot" of storage: about 5MB of storage, on fifty 24" platters (the whole system leased for $3200 per month). Today, 50 years later, a "lot" of desktop storage is 5TB at about the size of a couple of books (around 100x volume reduction) and will set you back about $300, tops.

Extrapolating, we see that in 2060, a high spec computer will have 5 exabytes, and the drive will be the size of an AAA battery. In 2110, we will have 5 yottabytes in under the volume of a penny. Value-wise, it will probably be around a dollar by then (and this neglects inflation).

So, not so far away after all, assuming we can keep up recent trends for the next 100 years.

Zach, love you too baby.
Marlon, you sound pretty smart for a person named Marlon - what is peeve #4?
Ant2206, you're the kind of party pooper I like to party with.

Where do they get those names for the -bytes?

I think it should be changed to a Yotsubyte.

$100 for a terabyte drive is only if you are buying your typical consumer grade. It will cost you thousands of dollars if you are buying business grade hardware... Fail chart is fail

wHOA, that's a yotta bytes!!


You guys do realize this is completely false right?
The amount of information you can fit in a Yottabyte is a lot fucking MORE!
Same with the Terabyte right there at the top. I have a 1T Hard drive in right now.

Let's just convert the entire planet to data storage. We could get (Yb)^2 = 2^160 bytes. I think that might let me run Windows 7 as long as I don't open Word and PowerPoint at the same time.

For now a yottabyte is 100trillion tomorrows technology it will be a few 100 dollars. But a Darthvaderbyte will always cost you an arm

Oh my goodness.
Great articles , I didn't even know it exist such a HUGE byte ! You know , I knew about the Yottabyte existence but , I didn't expected it's so big...

I really think people should keep the pornobyte in mind when considering this stupidly small yottabyte.

A pornobyte is about the size of all the worlds porn on one computer!
thats about a yotta yotta yotta byte!

Fuck me.....did i really just say yotta yotta yotta byte?

Questions as a challenge to you all. What would be the ultimate Byte that would go beyond capacity even beyond a googoplex number and what would it be called? InfiByte for infinity? Or ForeByte for foreverbyte? And can a device be made to aggregate,and/or multiply capacity on a single Byte on our existing computers? Get to work gentlemen, this place has no time for infantile cursing or using fallen angel words. Solve the problem or the challenge! go save the world. If you can't do that? But just go around on sites to be writing suck this or suck that etc. Then please do yourselves a favor and step off the world you don't belong. A true scientist doesn't wastes his time cursing. Tweak that biologic nagural computer so that we all can have flawless computers that won't have viruses or malware?but have limitless Bytes and speed. Thank You.

I think it should be called holyshitabyte

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