Jun 30 2010Finally!: Scientists Breed The Perfect Prawn


10 years in the making, scientists now believe they've bred the perfect prawn for farming. And if you guessed I'm only posting this because tipster killerabbit tricked me by writing "scientists develop perfect pr0n" in the subject line, congratulations, you're 110% correct. Sonofabitch.

After eight generations of selective breeding, one of CSIRO's industry partners, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, has this year achieved average yields of 17.5 tonnes per hectare -- more than double the industry's average production.

So good are these prawns that they have won five gold medals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the past two years, including 'Champion of Show', the highest award possible.

"The awards (Sydney Royal Easter Show) are professionally judged on many criteria including size, colour, taste and texture, so the results speak for themselves."

You know what else speak for themselves? Proud, independent women. What do you say ladies -- let's burn some bras! Mmmm, I love the smell of burning bras in the morning. Smells like...liberation the dryer I usually steal them out of. What?! I'm collecting nipple dust for a potion!

Is This the Perfect Prawn? [sciencedaily]

Thanks to killerabbit, who got me good and can expect a mail-bomb. Wait -- don't.

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I'm hungry now. Thanks, GW.

It needs wings.

My first furst!!! ^

That looks like what came out of my ass after swimming in the bay last night..

You FIRSTIES are complete and utter morons.

It's the Matrix! RUN!!!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max told Ellis to put another shrimp on the barbie in a fake austrailan accent, and got a leg kick because the australians call them prawn. Then Ellis took a barbie doll and melted it on Max's grill.

I guess I would be excited if I knew what it was.


Oh no, Insanity Prawn Boy Lives! Eh heh heh heh heh. That's RIIIIIGHT!

What in the hell does easter have to do with eating shrimp?

killerabbit linkbait win!

Perfect pron!

@ 12 the question is, can I go to that Easter Show?

hes not perfect yet, he still needs to absorb 17 and 18 muhahahahahahaha

Good, just in time to replace all the thousands of pounds we're gonna lose due to crude in the Gulf...

@15 smooth...very smooth. Usually DBZ references make you look like a 14 yr old boy or someone with horrible taste in anime (which often is the same thing) but not you, you sir made it look slightly better than that

I thought the perfect prawn was Christopher Johnson?

Now if they can only figure out how to farm them responsibly without elevated levels of pollutants and antibiotics. Stuff like this:


But yeah, fucking dinosaurs and destroying apple products and liquor and shit.

Hmmm. I wonder if they can get them to glow in the dark too. I want a glowing green one. That would be cool.

ORLY: My biology teacher use to say that it is possible to make glow in the dark human-babies, its just not allowed... yet. Don't know about prawns though... :P

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Too bad the Prawn in my farm is bigger.

Fookin' prawns, man!

The real test is: How the fook does it taste when its BBQ'd!?!?

hurry up and put it back in D9.

That thing looks demonic.

"This prawns are perfect. Now for my next task: creating the perfect pr0n!"

Stop dicking around with small fries and get to making 6ft lobsters!!

I wonder if Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture hasany relation with BP...

also, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture may be hurry because the US embargo to Mexico Shrimp will end next year, so now Mexico will be able to sell their shrimp at any price.

It's an interesting verga! n_n jeje


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