Jun 9 2010Advertising Fail: Oh Like Hell I Didn't!


A half-naked woman? Wait, where?! Is it like one of those Magic Eye things?


Thanks to FAH-Q, who obviously has something against you.

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Hot stuff


....and I'm done....

lol...i would rex her up...

why did it take me ages to find the t-rex?

First thing I saw was the t-rex lol -_-
I was like, wtf is that. Then saw the foot, then was like oooh woman?

Then I was just like. Meh ugly. My gf is moar yummers ^_^

Obviously if I read a picture from top to bottom I'll see the text and the woman before a small T-rex on the floor. Not to mention how much of a retarded photographic cliché this has become.

FURTHERMORE after all is said and done I don't even know what the ad is for, ie fission mailed.

No, and I didn't care. If it's not big enough to get my attention in SPITE of you, it's not big enough to worry about...

I bet her pussy tastes like strawberry taffy.


No I bet it tastes like urine because she looks like the kind of bitch that would refuse to shower before I go down on her.

FAH-Q??? ...you with us? ..there's a dinosaur in the picture?

Looks plastic, all of ot

Can anyone say threesome!?!?...or somethin

It took me about 45 seconds to find that dinosaur. And I was legitely looking for it

this has been done a million times before... lame

Fake! Her boobs are all wrong.

This is like that one scene in Never Back Down where T-Pain gets a prosthetic arm. uses it to jack himself off and then begins to annihilate Micheal J. Fox's Career.

WHO????? Ba stank.

I didn't even scroll down that far to see the dino.

I didn't see the Trex at all

but then I'm using a netbook, so the Trex was two page down clicks on my tiny screen. All in all, Ad-FAIL

... the t-rex is the first thing I saw

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Damn that's stupid.

I thought the t-Rex was a cat...

This looks like something one of the eager morons on Mad Men would show Don Draper in the first two minutes of the show with some gleeful idiot look on their face, to which Don would exhale from a cigarette, stand up, re-fasten his fastened suit jacket, and say: "But what will the dinosaurs look at?" And while they give each other the looks foreigners give when they wander into an iMax theater, Cooper will stroll in and yowl: "Daaaaaaawwwwwnnn?"

dino was the first thing i saw.
its a stupid ad. i too dont know what its for but this lady either has a snotty toddler stashed in the next room or someone messed with the original packaging and is getting back at her geek boyfriend by send his brother dirty pictures.

ok i googled this shit and its a bra company that makes bras for D cups and bigger.
1. its still a stupid ad
2. her boobs dont look big, they look saggy.
3. someone give her a french fry or something cuz you need curves to work em

@15, that's what she said ...

Srsly, what the hell. Where's the girl you guys keep talking about?!?

ha, what curves!?

fail daisy is fail

Dinos before Hoes.

i demand reasoning behind this this is bullshit why does it matter if i looked at her breast's then read it then saw the dino, WHAT HAVE WE GAINED?

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