May 14 2010The Future: Furniture Made Out Of Lasers


Unfortunately the couch feels a lot like the floor and I spilled six beers in a row trying to set them on the coffee table. Did I mention the television only gets The Blinding Channel? It's my favorite.

the london-based art and design practice united visual artist recently presented a series of light installation titled 'speed of light'. the project was commissioned by virgin media to commemorate the tenth anniversary of broadband in the UK. the project was installed in the victorian bargehouse on london's south bank and made use of 148 lasers spread across six rooms. UVA used the beam of light that travels along optical fibers as the starting point for the piece. among the pieces created, UVA crafted a small sitting area that features a sofa, table and television screen made completely from laser beams.

Lasers: I love them. In the future scientists will discover how to trap plasma between bands of lasers and pew pew couches will finally become reality. And on that day, oh boy, on that day. I'll have been dead for at least 200 years.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the exhibit.







united visual artists: speed of light [designboom]

Thanks to PhilRules, who once made a refrigerator out of lasers but all his food spoiled. Jesus, WTF were you thinking?

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Reader Comments

Don't sit down. The sofa will sever your legs.


Take a Pew Pew Pew ?

And set off an the alarm.


I'm gonna smoke a bowl, eat some boomers, turn on the Floyd, and then lie face down on my laser couch.

last pic looks like the invisible peoples' society rave party

@6 I'm already there, packing a bong for you instead of the bowl (healthier) on the table in front of the right side of the couch. I look like I ghost, but this weed is thaaaat good. Can you see me?

Where's the lay-z-boy?

the sofa can cut your balls


I can not believe that in future we may make furniture from laser also. If we can do this then how we can make different type of designs from it or we can not make different design but it is great news.

My seat is lagging.

If only this furniture could be used :)

I hate modern furniture! I like organic, raw designs better. Esp. vintage furniture or furniture that someone I know actually made themselves, since I’m the typical white Green Party member who supports community-based economics. birmingham bedroom furniture

The new high intensity lasers are becoming cheaper by the month, so expect to see them used a lot more in art and architectural design.

I live this lasers.. Its very beautfull

I love the concept. but it was enough just to see, maybe I do not want to sit when placed in a chair.

Now you can't tell me that's not cool.

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