May 28 2010Fireballs!: Street Fighter Sex Move Guy Has Officially Added Hadoukens To His Repertoire


Note: Video is after the jump and is NSFW or home because how the f*** are you gonna explain this to your girlfriend when she finds it?

Remember yesterday's Street Fighter II sex move maniac (who looks suspiciously like the Iranian president)? Well to prove he's not just a one-trick pony fighter, here he is pulling off a couple hadouken fireballs in between jump-punch shoryukens, then dry humping the chick while yelling hadouken, then throwing up the Street Fighter II handsign. I, uh, don't know what to make of it. Except that chick seemed surprisingly tolerant. What's that? Okay The Superficial Writer just informed me prostitutes typically are. YOU MEAN THAT'S NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND?!

Hit it for the cannot be unseen video that repeats three times to really drill it in there.



Thanks to Tyler, who knows a guy that got kicked out of a brothel for trying to tape his Mortal Kombat sex moves. Listen Tyler -- we know it was you.

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Reader Comments

Pure gold.

Why is Blanka just taking that abuse??? FIGHT BACK!!


@2 I was thinking more like E.Honda....maybe Chun-Li you ever look at her thighs in the game, HUGE.

This is not what i expected.

The definition of "wtf".

wow... lmao, my sides hurt from laughing so much

This brazilian guy is crazy...

A part of me just died.

so.. is that one of those expensive realistic poseable sex dolls he is doing this to? or some kind of mannequin?


Worst. Sex Peeve. Ever. >_<

someone's really sick

That guy is freaking awesome. Can't get much geekier than that in all fairness. And I thought doing the cowboy impression (yee haw!) was verging on dangerous. o.O

He's got a remarkably wobbly boner. It's like a kreskin crystal or something... I just couldn't take my eyes off it.

This is the result of poor parenting and abuse.
Or maybe a lack of punishment.

Pretty sure thats a guy... wat kinda chick has a white ass that isnt tanned into a bathing suit shape... plus she has no boobs... this is deff a dude

I would have totally thought the person he was dry humping was a dude until at the end of the thrusting, you could see some boob. That is one manly lower body and torso. Bitch must be a post-op tranny or have the most unlucky shape.

What? No Sonic Boom?

GW, host it somewhere else, its reached its max views for the day!

I still prefer this super move

Check out this guys 4shared folder - LOL! *NSFW*

Oh no its exceeded its daily views! So now I can't jack off to some guy's flacid cock! I'm really put out.

same guy doing Blanka impression:

That video player is shit… says it reached it freaking limit… thats bullshit man.
but really, I doubt this is something i really need to see

Anyone else notice that he has his shoes and socks on?

@24 You can't be more wrong :D

His name is Elder Carinhoso, look for him on youtube.

Well, I wish he could've like black barred his pathetic excuse for a dick, and the bitch was kinda ugly from the rear end, so I'm afraid this video is just an epic fail.

Is he humping a dude? I saw a little boob, but those can be bought.

I think he's humping a dude.

"This file has exceeded its daily preview limit. To watch this video online, please, upgrade your account to Premium or download the original file." It'd be nice if this actually worked.

@29 I think so too! s/he looks very manly. VERY

that is totally a dude.

The Opening of Boys Next Door,

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