OMG I Just Wanna Eat 'Em!: Fake Nipples

May 26, 2010


Because the fake nipple bra never take off back in the 70's, somebody's decided to create a modern, bra-less version: Body Perks nipple enhancers. YES I'M CHEWING ON A PAIR (they looked like dried apricots).

The natural look is back. Nipples are in. From your favourite magazines, to stars gracing the red carpet, women are showing off their breasts with pride. Body Perks nipple enhancers are the latest fashion accessory for your breasts, so take the lead from Sex and the City's Samantha and draw attention to your natural assets. For full effect, wear under a soft cup bra for enhanced, perky appeal.

The fake-ass nips are one-size-fits-all (I dunno, I've seen some big-ass nipples!), come in pink and mocha, and will set you back ~$14 a set (which technically should be three on Mars). Alternatively, do what I do and poke push pins through your milk-holes. What? Don't hate just cause yo jerky ain't perky!

Hit the jump for a side shot along with two others of what the WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU USED SUPERGLUE? actually look like.




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Fake Nipples Aim To Destroy You, Boys [gizmodo]

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