May 3 2010Not For Children: XXX 1960's Batman Spoof


Vivid Entertainment is releasing a parody of the original 1960's Batman series in pr0n form. I figured it was gonna be a gay piece focusing on Batman and Robin's obvious homosexual relationship, but apparently not. I'm not buying it. Literally AND figuratively.

Holy porn parody, Batman! Featuring the top names in the adult entertainment world, and a production that spared no expenses in faithfully recreating the look and feel of the original, Axel Braun's long-anticipated "BATMAN XXX: a Porn Parody" is a hilariously sexy spoof of the 60's Adam West/Burt Ward TV show.

Coming on DVD May 24, 2010.

I'm honestly surprised they didn't take the opportunity to make a pun out of the "coming on DVD" line. Because that never gets old. And neither does Peter Pan. That said, don't leave the DVD lying around where your kids can find it, because they can and will watch it. And, despite what your parental intuition might be telling you, a "misplaced" porno is not an acceptable way to teach your children about sex. AND NEITHER IS LEAVING THE BEDROOM DOOR OPEN.

Hit the jump for the SFW trailer.


Thanks to Pagz, who still has his fingers crossed for an adult version of Doctor Who.

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Reader Comments

Is Adam West in it?

HA! just so you cant do it ¬¬

Aside from the porn, that actually looks like a decent old-school batman movie. The production design, cinematography and editing look pretty slick, that's something you don't see in porno ever.

@3 You've never seen anything slick in porno? Usually every act involves some sort of fluid.

Holy anal penetration Batman! Ha! I beat you!

@ razorjack

holy fisting robin you´r right this is double penetration.

Ron Jeremy should have been the Penguin...

@4. nice...

If they leave the costumes on during scenes it will be creepy how much it'd look like an actual (really, really good) episode of the old series.

OMG !! where can I dl that peace of art !! Lexi Belle as Batgirl holy molly, bloody pornography Batman !

Randy Spears is an excellent porn name. Kudos. Kudos.

Holy lawsuit batman!

the parody exemption of copyright laws allows for SOME use of protected works and making a commentary on them (like exaggerating the ridiculousness of James Bond in the Austin Powers movies).

This movie is just stealing characters, imagery, names, costumes, mannerisms, etc for the purpose of creating a profit from someone elses work. Just adding "parody" to the title doesn't fit the bill. This will be an issue, watch.


Netflix list updated appropriately...

They can hide it in the trailer, but I'll bet the acting in the porn-parody makes the acting in the original 60s show look like the Royal Shakespeare Company in comparison.

Maybe I'm wrong tho. Are there any porn movies where the acting isn't execrable?

Worth watching just for Tori Black as Catwoman. She is fire.

She looked pretty good as Wonder Woman as well:

Why does The Joker have a phaser?

@17 I'm kind of curious about that myself.

Quickly Robin! Grab my Anti-Herpes Spray from my utility belt. WIth your teeth. No...with...WITH...WITH YOUR TEETH!

Yeah, this is ripe for a lawsuit. DC/Warner Bros had fan made Green Lantern Videos pulled from websites in the past. This probably would have been fine if they didn't use copyrighted characters.

Pr0n's gotten...boring. Back in my day, when you wanted to do a pr0n parody, you came up with a stupid pun for the title. Now? They're just slapping "A XXX Parody" onto something and calling it a day. "Scrubs: A XXX Parody". "Seinfeld: A XXX Parody". "The Office: A XXX Parody". Pfeh. When I was your age, we'd have "Seinf***ed" or "The Orifice".

About the COPYRIGHT issues

IF you dont hear any complains or any lawsuits to come, then DC/ WARNER BROS was either paid for the rights or somehow they are going to make money of this, there is no way they would just let this happen,

mark my words, if nothing happens is because they wanted to allow it

OMG THEY Have to keep the costumes on!!!!!!
At least the masks!!!
if they just get naked as usual whats the freaking point of that!!!!

I really really wish they did GI JOE i would love to see the baroness and Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara naked, there are alot of redhead actress that could fit the bill

Jean gray,
Proffesor Xavier,
O MY GOD im about to COME just thinking about this

and once again, rule 34 strikes again

I came buckets. BUCKETS!

Satisfied fast shipping I'm only waited 6 days!!!

holly blue rays and napkins Bat-man

Haha, spambot troll @26 is almost convincing.


@24 If you look at #23 you'll see why rule 34 strikes so often.

already been done.

There's ALREADY been at least 2 Doctor Who pornos.. I've only been able to track down one (I dont recall the name, but it was an early 80's flick that involved 'Sex-Daleks' with dildos instead of plungers. It was AWEFUL"
The second one I've heard of was a late 70's Anal-based flick called "Doctor Loo" that stars a Tom Baker-looking 'Doctor'
Havent been able to find that one...

Adam Weee!

I'll have to watch this, I've always considered chicks with those 60's style clothes, hairstyles and make-up goddamn hot. I wish they did a Barbarella porn parody too.

"This movie is just stealing characters, imagery, names, costumes, mannerisms, etc"

I agree. This is wrong. I have no problem with the porn (well I would have to see it first to decide ;-) and parody is a big part of comedy. But this is straight theft and on that basis alone I hope it is shut down.


Like having DC/Warner drop a lawsuit, along with the buttload (see what I did there?) of publicity, would be a bad thing for a porno.


"The Orofice"....straight from the original "The Office" with Gervais....

i want this

About as awesome as Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody hah!

Hells Bells! I'm going to have to own that! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

GW, there are few instances in which we don't agree, this is one of them. This is the greatest idea for a porn EVER! And Batman an robin are totally not gay, they're just unusually cool with double teaming a chick and don't get phased if balls touch.

Whoever made this must love the original batman series even more than I do, it's so perfect, the joker even has a mustache under his makeup!

I hope this violates copyrights so it'll give me more of a reason to download it for free!

Hey great news, hopefully at some point make versions of the X-Men, Avengers or JLA, or already thinking big crossover between this teams (X-Men vs Avengers or Avengers vs JLA), it can be amazing and apart from letting a lot of money.


where can i download this moviee?? plzzzz??? answer me asaaap!:D

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