May 29 2010Another Cool Stop-Motion: 'My Desk Is 8-Bit'


Note: Video is after the jump because the Geekologie front page is no longer 8-bit compatible.

Did you enjoy yesterday's 8-bit NES inspired stop-motion video? No? I'll cut you. But for those of you that did, here's comes another! YOU WILL WATCH IT AND YOU WILL ENJOY IT. I mean unless you don't want to be friends. Hey, it's cool -- I talk shit behind your back anyways.

I recently found myself wondering what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation. While a normal person's response to such a question would of course be "who gives a shit?" I possess few of the qualities typically associated with normalcy and was irrevocably compelled to find out. This is the result.

Oh man, I can't even count the number of times the answer to a question has been, "who gives a shit?" Like every single one. Including, and not just limited to, "what does the Tardis-riding Doctor do in the bathroom stall?" *zing!*

Hit it for the worthwhile video.

What I Wouldn't Give For an 8-Bit Desk [gizmodo]

Thanks to Alice, who made a 16-bit stop-motion video but turned the power off when the game was saving and the universe collapsed on itself. True story.

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It's great how nobody seems to have a life, cuz it makes me feel good, and entertains me at the same time

I'm with @2 on this one.

not so much @1

damn! this puts the yesterday's to shame

I like turtles still :/


Sharp knees, wrong shadows and time travelling mullet.

Okay saying "firstard" makes you even more of a retarded loser because you acknowledge the fact that you are firstarded and couldn't resist blurting it out. Fail to the nth degree. Go home and drown yourself in the community bathtub.

Going to watch the vid now but already miss Denis Hopper

8bits rules !

Sir, you have no life.....

My penis is stop motion when I stick it in my girl's vagina.

I'm thinking you don't need a Coder and Compositor for a single-angled stop motion, so my guess is that this isn't actually stop motion, but still, it's tremendously enjoyable to watch!

@13 I think that was a parody of 8-bit video game credits... enjoyable over all though... just wish it had something more enticing...

blee blo blah blee.
blo bloo blah blee.
boring video though.

Meh , needs more headcrabs.

GW you f'in loser

It's not stop motion, you made me watch a bit of CGI when you damn well know I only watch stop motion. Now I'm going to have to have a shower.

I f'in hate you man

why put credits when you're the only one that did it? why not just put the name and then "by {insert name}" and i thought it was garbage

That's hardly an 8-bit representation/parody.

The sprites are way too big for an 8 bit processor to handle, not to mention the foreground layer of the background and the color scale.

It would have passed for a 16 bit representation, though.

BTW, the shadows are all worng, so its probably FAKE.


BTW, the shadows are all wrong, so its probably FAKE.


It’s like an old game from a brick game. It does not seem so nice though the effort of creating such thing is good. But, I enjoyed the airplane thing.

yer dumb. (and 12yrs don't know 8-bit)
'nuff said.
no mattre the media used, it was cool!

I used to code games for the nes, i'm 38. You are probably 12. Show your facts to back your comments.

@23 I used to code games for the nes, i'm 38. You are probably 12. Show your facts to back your comments.

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