May 7 2010Anatomy Of Golfish Crackers, Plus Sushi!


Note: Click HERE for the high-res version so you can see all the parts. You know you're curious about the anus, don't even lie!

Ever wonder what a Golfish cracker looks like on the inside? Well now you know. And knowing is half the battle something I often wish I didn't. This anatomical chart comes from fake doctor extraordinaire Jason Freeny, the man behind all the anatomical drawings here on Geekologie. And speaking of anatomical drawings: I went to sing karaoke last night and drew a nice big ol' schlizzle on the back of my song request slip. And you know what? Dude never played my song. I'm not even gay but that was one good lookin' wiener!

Hit the jump for a shot of some Golfish cracker sushi.


High-res shot of the sushi HERE.

Moist Production (Jason's Website)

Thanks Jason, now how about one of those capsules that grows into a dinosaur when you soak it in water?

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Reader Comments

Que once pop canty stop?

hi garrett! hi jeff!

Okay, I am not going to dog this post. Nor am I going to go on about how lame it is or how “old” it may or may not be...for the pure and simple reason that I apparently can’t seem to send in a successful tip to save my life. So, I’m going to just patiently wait for the next post like the good little internet junkie that I am. In the mean time, I’m going to the fridge, anyone need anything? MLIG.

@3 get me a beer while youre in there.

@3 cottage cheese and pears please. no -- peaches. cottage cheese and peaches.

Que taco por favor.

@3 since I was snackin in goldfish here at work and now lost my hankerin fer them would you get me a smoked turkey w/ pepperjack cheese, mayo, spicy mustard , salt and pepper on beefsteak rye...........oh and sliced olives. Thanks man.

Que is the new daisy. Wait no.

@3 i've sent in tons of stuff to the GW, but none of it ever seems to make its way to the page. I use stumbleupon often though, and usually find things that the GW later writes about. I felt like I was doing his job for him. I like this site, but sometimes I think I'm better off on my own. Is that pretentious?

One beer (I'm making that two), one taco (I'll add a dry taquila), one smoked turkey w/ pepperjack cheese, mayo, spicy mustard , salt and pepper on beefsteak rye with sliced olives (plus to hos and you yourself a party though that would be difficult at work...), and one cottage cheese and you prego?

I wonder what my dinosaur chicken nuggets look like on the inside? *takes bite* OHH SWEET JESUS....

(More double post fail from Amy)

I also have sent in TONS of content to the GW, links as well as original stuff, C. Viper cosplay shots, tats of my friend's triforce (and he's gorgeous...ladies?) But none of it makes it onto the front page. I made a post similarly on one of last week's posts, BUT I CALL AGAIN on the Collective Geekery of us, the Geekologie Userbase, send in your content! Take photos of the Mario-shaped loogie you coughed up yesterday! Give us your tired, your poor, huddled comic book collections, lend me your ears, I have a dream, and that dream consists of Godzilla playing Super Street Fighter 4 with me in my underwear and, and....

....Where was I going with this?

@10 oh were I work the ho part is already covered. I look like a nun compaired to these beeches.........just sayin

@ 13
In my previous post I forgot to add the word "got", it should have read " ...and you got yourself a party..." and where do you work...

it's not sushi, it's sashimi..

Question, where is the swim bladder?

Geekologie writer: You're great, but what do you have against the letter "D"? GOLDFISH GOLDFISH GOLDFISH GOLDFISH. NOT GOLFISH.

@14 I figured as much. And where I work is irrelevant , every office has atleast one ho. And it isn't always the one you think it is.

A fishes intestines don't do that, this anatomy illustrator is full of shit.

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