Apr 22 2010Weta Customized Halo XBox Marks Millionth Console Sold In Australia And New Zealand


This is an XBox customized by Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop to celebrate the millionth 360 sold in Australia and New Zealand. I'm not sure who the character is, but I suspect he's like an Australian G.I. Joe or something. As you can see, dude is shooting one side while some kind of fiery doodoo monster tries to escape out the other. YES THAT WAS A EUPHEMISM FOR TEQUILA SHOTS. Best one you've ever heard too.

Hit the jump for close-ups of the artistry.




eBay Auction
weta halo xbox 360 casemod explodes onto ebay [technabob]

Thanks to Remy and Turn It Up To 11, who both customized XBoxes with stickers and glitter paint and then sold them at a loss. Smooth, guys.

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Reader Comments


Why isn't the casing bent inward on the entrance wounds?


thats fucking master chief you retard

@3 Really? Looks more like a puma to me.

@ 3 *facepalm* look at the geekwriter's tags

How the fuck can you not know who master chief is?

i run into this problem online all the time..

i make a sarcastic joke
retards dont pick up on it
i have to explain
they accuse me of lying

its better to just not attempt it

from the "billions" of xbox 360's sold i wonder how many have had RROD....

i have owned 2, both died within 1yr of owning.

ps3 still running strong after 3yrs! too bad the games suck.

LOL at Geekologie accidentally trolling their own readers XD

@3 and 6 Get a sense of humor or let your mom know the next time you're going to try and use the computer.

Looks like shit. Lame.

@3 & @6 dumbasses

That's one of the much better xbox mods I've seen posted here, nice job

Obviously he was making a joke about not knowing how Master Chief is.

*facepalm* It's hilarious to see how the mentally challenged that get on the interwebs epically fail at recognizing sarcasm. (#3 & #6… that'd be you)

@12 How is he these days?

@9 - I have a feeling that wasn't an accident :P

Who is this Master Chef you speak of?

I will literally fuck the faces off #3 and #6

That is beautiful :}

I suspect we've just seen the ever allusive reverse troll here. Where 3 and 6 have both teamed up to reply the obvious troll by GW and have in fact deliberately sprung the trap to troll the remainder of the readers with an even more potent troll. Their combination is greater then the sum of each troll independantly.

If they just left it and didn't say anything nobody would have taken the bait, instead most of the comments were targeting 3 and 6.

Bravo 3 and 6, troll on!!!! (Unless you didn't really know, then i'm face palming with the rest of the group)

Also @2 thats a really good point. I didn't even notice. When you look at it like that the xbox is spitting fire onto chiefs' gun knocking him over. Looks kinda funny. Like a really brutal game of Wipeout.

some people simply can't grasp the concept of sarcasm it would seem. and yeah,
I noticed the bullet entry as well. For someone to go all out on something like this, you would think they could use a little brain power and common sense.



@7, having to explain your superior intellect to those less gifted than yourself can become quite ponderous. As you can see, many have come after you trying to prove that they are in fact the more intelligent and aware of the group. Unfortunately this actually causes them to appear only slightly advanced. They are what we would label "average" and/or "mediocre".

I prefer to just post a big WHOOSH! This also seems to go over their heads but at least it's slightly amusing.....Understand? Don't disappoint me now.

Long live the robots!

Ummm..., yeah....Gw that is Master Chief from Halo. You need to tuen in you Geek card..now , really you do. Zee papers Pleeaze.

W w w W H H O O O O SS H H

its a neat idea but since its vertical all of your cds will get scratched. semi-fail?

@8 My link is a sankaku complex article on game console rate failure percentages.

Link didn't post:

@25 LOL.

@ all you guys bitching about the bullet holes...you really think they hadn't thought that through? It's a professional company after all. They can't put the bullet holes inward because:
1. that would require either a sideplate that is way too thick and would look absolutely retarded, or
2. cutting holes into the XBOX itself. DURP

Master Chef? Where did he get his culinary degree? And why is he shooting the console?

But GW, that be master chief! From the haloz u noes?!?! U not real geeeeeeek!

Fuckin idiots

RobertCop3 > Master Chef


Me wants Oo
I'm gonna shoot my console and place a Master chief figurine next to it Oo

(I'm a fucking genius!!!)

Master Chief for president! I don't care if he isn't real, neither is you-know-who, at least Master Chief can blow shit up!

i agree with 2, its damn good art, just not correct art, FAIL

it's funny to see how many people don't understand sarcasm. fuckin tards.

@ 24 and 32
please read the previous posts regarding sarcasm
before making yourself look more like fools
thereby leaving yourself open for more trolling

here, take this troll shield with flame resistance
i expect youll be needing it for the rest of your natural lives

way to assume people will come back to this thread and read what you guys wrote, I sure did.

I'm glad to see Duke Nukem finally is getting some respect

Whoa, looks like the fanboy got his feelings hurt @4

@ 39 AKA Sleepy the dumb fuck

I was using sarcasm you stupid shit. Shove your troll shield up your ass sideways you pretentious fuck. I'm glad you just showed what an asshole you are.

Fuckin idiot

HAHAHA, that is indeed the best euphemism for tequila shots I've ever heard.

Well done GW, good sir.

Wow, I can't believe I just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading the last 40 or so pathetic comments.First time Visit to this site...is everyone who browses this site this lame ?


what games?

Who's Master Chief??? That's Halo!

The stuff coming out the other side are the insides of the xbox and not some monster. If you look closely it's made of circuit boards, ribbon cables and fire.

Didn't this go for like... $10,500?

lol. Some of you guys are the stupidest little fucktards ever. XD

OMG some of you guys are either being really sarcastic or just plain fing dumb, its obvious GW knows who master chief is and he was just making a joke haha

@4 Stop making up false animals

Thats Master Chief, this 360 is too pretty to play ( or will appear as such for the first hour of ownership)

Shoulda put a BR X)

for all of you calling GW a retard for not knowing who master chief is. let me be the tenth person to tell you your the real fucking moron. he knows its maser cheif he just kids around.. its like you dipfucks don't even read geekologie lol.

what the hell i dont think he knows who master chief is?!?!?

lol i love how much hate is flying around in these comments just because a few people didn't clue in right away. But then again, it is the internet :)

@21 More like Konkey Dong.

OMG This thing has been sold for 10.100 $ ...

Is that Samus from Metroid Prime?


Mmmm I'd tap that

.....holy fuck.....thats whats happenen

EHHHH. Halo is one of the most overated games of the Century. Boring linear combat. Same stupid guns and the slowest flying vehicles ever designed. There are flash games set up better than this

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