Apr 11 2010The Moon In 3-D: No Star Trek Geordi Glasses Required!


Note: Click HERE for a full-size version of the image for the full effect.

This is a stereoscopic shot of the moon. So if you cross your eyes like you would a Magic Eye picture, you should be able to see our natural satellite in 3-D. Oooooor get frustrated and Hulk-smash your monitor.

Stare into the screen and allow your eyes to defocus. You will get double vision as each eye sees the L & R images separately. Move your head towards and away from the screen until the two middle images overlap. The single overlapping image should be in 3D

It took me a little time, but I finally saw it. And I'm not just saying that to impress you with my eye-crossing skills, but one time a friend did slap me on the back while I was making a funny face. You know what happened? I kneed him in the crotch until he cried blood. You don't touch a man while he's making faces!

3D space pictures: stereo images of moons, galaxies and nebulae [telegraph] (with 10 more 3-D images of various outerspace-y things)
Check out this 3D pic of the moon, no glasses required [dvice]

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Reader Comments

I see boobs

Does nothing.

oh god this is just friggin lame.....

I' d done this years ago by getting a rotating moon video (they' ve been around for a while) and then taking two snapshots. Easy as hell.

Now I' ll go back and live on it again.

F*ck you. Tonight I'm just gonna look up. Do we really need 3d images of things we can see in real life every day?


I just got dizzy... thanks a lot.

I guess I'm the only one who thinks so, but thanks! That was pretty much the coolest thing ever :)


it's nothin special, but it's fun.
You have like a little moon floatin in front of your eyes...

That's no moon

I never was good at those magic eye books. Maybe I'm not drunk enough?

I can't do magic eye pictures. *sob!*
I just managed to resist 'Hulk smashing' my monitor.


If you lean toward the screen a little and unfocus your eyes it works. But it hurts your eyes.

the effect of this is better with the pron

Cross your eyes, you'll start to see a third moon in between the two - a bit blurry at first, but then look at it and just focus on it - and sure enough, you have one weird dipped moon image floating in front of your eyeballs but totally clear. Pretty impressive.

The Images need to switch places.

The two moons are on the wrong sides. If you switch them, it will look 3d, right now it looks inverse 3d.

Alas it doesn't work so well on a 70 inch screen.

That was an amusing way to kill 10 seconds!

@Pagz its not working on my 9 inch screen to so its not working at all

Emortal is correct. The images are transposed. Reverse them, and it's actually a pretty great effect.

Its only switched when you click the full version, but the one in the main works fine.

*hulk smashing* monitor...

So I post stereoscopic boobs, but the moon gets made a story first? I see how it is GW. Shame.

better than watching avatar

thats a space station...

do NOT make them touch!

that is the first time that has ever worked for me.

my eyes hurt

It's a scooner!

I can't see anything ¬_¬

F U !!!!! This shit has never worked. but fool me twice - it does doesn't work again!
argH! My 3d image flaccidity corners me to dunceville again.

The full size is concave, mirror left-right please.

First i was sad cos i can never do these things, then frustrated as i tried to do it, then disapointed cos i couldn't, then frustrated again to read that it's not even the right way round. Thanx for the little ball of angst in my gut GW, think i'll go punch a kitten now...

@26 MEEE FCKIN TOOOO!! i've been trying forever to make one of these work

Jewii is right. It's concave small & large. Thank god you didn't run the Heidi Montag post as 3D!

@1 I was going to say that. But hey! Should totally give this a try with boobs, then we'll see a fourthdimensional boob. Woah.

dude, you know an even better way to see the moon in 3-D… go outside at night and look up.

It's a SCHOONER!!!

I never look too long at images on the web anymore. It's just Linda Blair from The Exorcist anyway.

This is What you DO:

get close to the screen, NOT too close but just about 10 inches or so, then with your eyes looking at the moons, take your index finger and start to move in towards the middle of your eyes, when you do this start to look at your finger, when the finger is almost touching you you have crossed your eyes, you can see the 3d moon, if you can take your finger off and look at the moon, but if you cant focus enough to see it keep trying with your finger,

moving your finger closer to your face and looking at it crosses your eyes, and at the same time, the image behind the finger will be able to be seen, you can see the moon and be looking at your finger at the same time,
this was the only way for me to see those 3D books , :)

hmm.. neato, i actually got it to work. it looked like the moon was sticking out of the monitor. cOOL!

That's a quick and easy way to give yourself a brain tumor. The moon is not meant to be seen in 3D.

There was a movie named star wars which featured two moons, from that movie this picture has been made, as that movie was really old. property for sale london

He has more stunning pictures and 3D stuff in his blog:

For me it sinks into itself rather than bulging like an actual moon should.

very cool picture. thanks for posting it, gw.

This made my weekend. Which is sad, when you think about it.

It's SO much easier to just cut one image and put it on the OTHER side, then just cross your eyes. I don't know why stereograms insist on using the parallel method when the cross method is so much easier and faster to achieve.

its extremely hard for someone who never managed a magic eye picture before, and even then it seems to be harder on a screen.
clever effect if you manage it though. could do with being bigger

You have to do the opposite to crossing your eyes GW (and everyone else). You stare 'through' the image as if you are looking into the distance; otherwise you will get an inverse shaped moon (like a bowl) if you cross your eyes. Get it right.

Oh come on! I know this is an old method but it is still great. You can even play games this way!

Here is a link to the corrected 3D Moon image pair for viewing with the crossed-eye method...

Man...I even looked for my 3d glases.=/ Doesn't work.


If we can do this with any picture, why haven't we done it with Boooooobs?

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