Apr 7 2010She Sounds Kinda Bitter: Girl Hacks Ex's Email After Breakup, Deletes Starcraft Beta Code


NOTE: Video after the jump is completely NSFW due to girl's anger-filled potty mouth. No wonder he broke up with you!

This is a video of some chick telling her ex-boyfriend that she hacked his email and changed his password, after deleting his Starcraft 2 beta code email. But mostly it's just a girl screaming and cussing. And probably fake. Which, ssssssh! -- don't ruin it for me.

Hit it for a shit-load of angst.


Thanks to Josh and Kareem, who have actually broken up with girls over webcam before and agree it's a great way not to see any tits.

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Reader Comments


I hope she gets the opportunity to watch this when she's about 60. What a terrible human.


She's cute. I am not sure women know about the "Trash" feature on most emails.

You heard if first folks! She admits to committing to a computer crime on video. GG

GF breaks xbox360.

GF breaks PS3.

GF deletes Starcraft Beta Code...

I am seeing a pattern of videos of video game sabotaging fakeness. What next, GF plays xbox and PS3?! -_- pf! as if!

A felony in a lot of states!

My thoughts exactly.

I think her boyfriend is going to need a hug :(

i think i love her...

@6 I play both.. and I play awesome stuff, like Bioshock and Final Fantasy. Not like, Hello Kitty Super Friends or something


i am calling it.

who comes up with this shit?

Bitch gives us other girls a bad name.

@11 Final Fantasy is "awesome stuff," that's a good one! You crack me up.

fakedy fake fake fake do-dah do-dah,
this video is total bs, all the live long day...

I wonder what Brad did to piss her off so bad? either way she's my new hero!

This is about the time you pull out the sex tape....

Even if this is real, and it's not, she steal is a BITCH :D

So...I guess that makes her single, then, right?

...I didn't know my wife has a sister.

HAHA, you better hope to hell she doesn't see this then

Fake or not, with that voice. Oh god Brad you did the right thing. The game will be out sooner or later but can you imagine hearing that pissy little voice the rest of your life? ugh

Please stop calling BS like this a hack. She never claims to have broken security, he probably let her browser remember his password, idiot.

Happens to the best of us. I'd still hit it.

@ 22 that is what duct tape is for

lolgasm, i'd hit it

First I think the girl is hot not just because she looks fine but because that attitude got me all riled up . I could deal with a chic that yelled at me like that and wasn't my mom.
Second. Her bitch ass Bf wasn't doing his part and got sucked into a video game vortex he deserves that .

Seems like makeup anal sex is in order, along with a redecoration for her

man i hope she screams like that when i'm plowing the shit outa her

@29. You're my hero.

she must be killed as a warning to others.

I´m in love!!

She mad.

so, hey, wanna go out somtime? rofl

hey dude dont worry, i got a spare key u can have it. fuck this bitch

Gee. How could he have dumped her, she seems magical.

@30 hahahaha

This might be fake, but she's hot *¬*

Viral marketing, am I right?

Definitely fake. There aren't "keys" for Starcraft 2 Beta. It is tied to your battle.net account.


Knock Knock

Who's there?

Fake stupid ass video

Fake stupid ass video who?

fake stupid ass video I hate the geekologie writer

get it?

Shitty little girl wants to go viral... Only way I'd hit that annoying brat is with my Jeep.

Fake & Gay

@43 thanks, dude. I just sprayed my keyboard with a mouthful of diet coke...

hahahaha, good stuff, she's cute

note to self: change password and lock computer before breaking up...

Obvious set up and cry for attention. Very poor acting. Would not view again.

Fake as all shit, and the acting is terrible. Nice try.

No way, this is totally real. You can tell because the shadows are all right.

Even if this was real do you think the girl deleted the deleted folder. I think not. So in the event this was real you most likely still have that key. Just sayin.

WOW, what the heII???

If she screams this much and even if is fake, can you imagine her screaming when you are doing her?

UHHHHH, your beta key is attached to your battlenet account and you can view it from the battlenet website, GG.

Stupid bitch failed.

well well well.... oh brad...

Hey she's single now! Time to practice the M.A.C. system from It's Always Sunny :D

bitch needs to jump my cock. I mean my chicken.


I love how many you guys are getting off on a bitchy psycho like this that gives the rest of us sane women a bad name. Nothing about her being batshit crazy is attractive or hot. Her actions and behavior is only giving stupid men the right to call all women crazy. She may be cute physically, but that nutty personality and insane behavior is not cute. Either way it's probably a fake, cause this all seems very rehearsed. Usually people that pissed off make a lot less sense. Thanks for setting women back a few years darling!


thats cold......

Women, cant live with em.
Cant herd them all into Canada.

dude... she's hot!

she isn't even looking at the camera...she's reading the screen

Why all the GW hating? I like him lots! ^_^ it brightens my day reading this stuff!


F.A.K.E. starcraft gamers never get hot chicks.

So fake.

That Beta Key she shredded looked like other crap you'd print off the web. Not to mention her cussing and the convenient location of the shredder screamed "fake and gay (thanks RWJ)."

Maybe all she need is serious deep dicking?

Someone needs to learn some manners time for some nut in the butt.

@50. You are my hero. I always get blamed!

that is so cruel !!!

hope you die on chains bitch.
we will hang pieces of your over-abused body on the temple of Adun.

I wanna marry this girl. :)

So what youre saying is... is that when I stalk her later and dig through her trash... not only will I find my stalker stuff... I'll ALSO find starcraft Beta key? :D THE GAME IS AFOOT... TALLY HO!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet her name is Janet.

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Love the fact the top voted comment was the beta key one viewer manage to pull off a screenshot.

Gamers 1: Woman 0

I have watched this video 7 times already with cawk in hand, on mute and it gets better everytime....

@ 58 Linds....we really don't know why she did this...it could have been that he slept around on her...or maybe something else. We may never know.

As for the video, I don't think it generalizes all woman as crazy! Well it doesn't for me anyway!

is it bad that I'm sitting here drinking a G & T at 11:19am my time?
and yes this chick is nutty and cute, I'm sure she'll find another a-hole soon and the bf too.

We bet it's a FAKE, here's our article (both in Italian, of course, and English)

But we don't want to ruin the enjoyment too :D

there is something about pretty girls being ass holes that just turns me on.....seriously.....is that weird?

I am majoring in information security what I can say is...she is really stupid..

It's got to be fake because nobody who plays Starcraft would have landed a girl that hot. Although she is a psycho

she's cute

Nice rack

It's not fake, you do get an e-mail and she very well could have deleted that and stopped him from getting it but the hilarious mistake is that by sending this video to him she let him know he was in. The e-mail isn't a key or anything, it's just a notice that your Battle.net account has been activated for SC2. So by telling him he got that e-mail all he needs to do is log on to his account and pick up the game no sweat. She's effectively done nothing but steal his email acct.

@11 - I'm a wife of 10 years and I play "awesome stuff" too. But I consider awesome stuff GOW 3, Red Alert and Dante's Inferno.


@87: They aren't sending out emails anymore.

@43: I think you pretty much hit it on the head. She wants to get her 15 minutes of fame.

Why can't she just flash her tits like all of the other attention whores out there?

I'd hit it. Like... with a huge baseball bat. What a stupid ho'.

Her ex-boyfriend should be happy! Grats man! Enjoy a bitch-free life! :)
Can prolly just request a new beta code.. this chick hasn't even realized she is helping sales :)

silly girl. that's not how you make a sandwich.
and who put a webcam and paper shredder in the kitchen?

Man I want her number she looks like she cut fuck all night!!!

I hate to ruin your post, but, you don't need the email to play the Starcraft II beta, so, this girl has just failed terribly, hahaha.

You pretty much just log in to blizzard.com and then download the game from there. And then once you have the game, you just log into your account again...

So am I the only girl who doesn't expect my significant other to spend every single second with me? I honestly don't mind him playing video games every day. I mean hell, I have my own hobbies. Besides, it's not the game's fault. If video games didn't exist, he'd find another way to ignore you. I'm lucky that a) I'm an actual pleasant person to be around so that my SO makes quality time with me and even during his gaming time manages to give me attention and b) I have my own interests and hobbies. This chick seems like she desperately needs them.

Bragging about what games you play is foolish. Silly, silly girls.

Fake - She's a youTube "Actress' (youtube.com/user/wendymccolm) - still, she's hot

omg i so wanna get it on with this girl shes got alot of anger she must be a freak in bed....

Attention whores,
you are a bore,
You clutter up my net.
It's sad to think ten thousand views,
On Youtube gets you wet.


sooooooooooooo hot.

suprise butt-cex will get your Starcraft beta code deleted *makes note*

Funny thing is she didn't tell you, she entered that beta key before shredding it, now she is playing your starcraft 2 beta, sucks for you brad.

This is similar to the time my ex took a bunch of money out of my accounts, and I responded by sending a photo of her with a cumshot on her face to her friends and family.
Kinda similar.
But not really.

I'd donkey punch that!!

She deserves to get aids for that.


no one is really named "brad"


My gf "accidentally" mailed COD:MW2 to Netflix in place of "New Moon".

Yeah, her body won't ever be found.

omg i would kill her ....yes i would kill her and eat here brains .....and then shit in here skull yes that is what i would do

From: Brad
To: Blizzard

Hey, can you please re-send me my Starcraft beta code, my ex decided to bhe a bitch and delete it.

From: Blizzard
To: Brad


From: Brad
To: Blizzard



That's how i see this going down.

haha she fail. all that get beta key have the code on their battle.net account so she fail

lol this is wendy <3


my best friend is name is Brad... um so obviously your just dumb.

by the way, this video is amazing.

Wow talk about invasion of privacy...
report that bitch :D

Like he can't log onto his Battlenet.com account and get the information.

I can see why Brad would dump a bitter bitch like that.

112 Thomas damn you beat me to it. But since my name is Thomas also i'm just going to pretend I posted twice to get my point across.

As far as I'm concerned I believe that guys should spend as much time as possible playing video games and ignoring their social lives and existing/potential relationships. These video games have drastically increased the odds for casual gamers and those who don't play. Thank you.

Little does she know that while she took the time to make that video, Brad was hacking into her sister's pants. Remember gents: Keep your girlfriend close but her hot friends/sisters closer.

@118 Just because people aren't socialising in the 'traditional' manner doesn't mean they aren't socialising.

Similar goes for girlfriends, i used to know a couple online who met through a game and ended up moving in together. Last i heard they'd got engaged.

It's a new age Ray, and we are the pioneers.

@97 Ash i think i'm in love with you

haha, have a nice prison stay, dont thes bitches busting consoles is malicous distruction of property and this one is internet fraud..haha

I know exactly how you feel...except i play with him... and pwn his sorry ass XD

@ anyone else that eloquently stated that SC2 gamers can't have hot chicks as gf's... I'm a chick...I'm a gamer...and I'm hott...men of the world beware >:]

Psycho brad! Should've got out when you could man.

...she printed out the email so that she can shred it? how embarrassing for her.

Girls, don't do this! Something like this happened to me. My lawyer friend sent her some laws to read. She fixed her mistakes or she was going to prison. I didn't press charges, but my friend thought I should so there would be a police report.

Also, don't print an email just to shred it. It's bad for the 'viroments. Just take a picture of your screen with the video camera.

What did the four fingers say to the face?


I'm Rick James Bitch!

For a change, the first posted reply pretty much sums it all up.

Ive never slapped a Ho...but i think this calls..

58 "I love how many you guys are getting off on a bitchy psycho like this that gives the rest of us sane women a bad name"

"rest of us sane women"

No such animal honey. No such number.

That's what happens when you take pixels over pussy.

Besides, stick a cock in her mouth, she's done.

Like we care

brad's a dick ;)

i'd hit it then kill it and put it in grave. dont judge me.

this isnt fake. shes a good fuck though, she swears her ass off when you nail her

Ahhh this is a utter fail. He can just jump on battle.net to claim d/l. the email is just confirm, at least thats how it was when i got my key. Unless this was a invite, as all invites have keys in email, and only in the email, but in that case he still has the game already. All she can do is get into his sc account and delete it otherwise this is a complete FAIL

I wonder if "Brad" is an Alias for Tiger Woods....or Jesse James?

When you talk to the camera that's above your screen, look at the camera, not the screen.

I dig the glasses though, she's pretty.

There's only one solution to this problem....


She'd make a good porn vid.

I dare her to go to Korea and do this. Death Penalty.

OMG she turns me on! She is the type that you occasionally make love to...the rest of the time you f*ck her till she cry's.

...and back to Dawn of discovery

she's hot and angry...send her my way!

It's sad that she goes to YouTube for support in her insanity...She needs to go to either Jerry or Maury (Maybe Brad is her babies daddy)...I mean she should settle it on a venue that would be more worthwhile...Plus we get to see this "Brad"

its fake. her name is wendy mccolm.

Stupid girl, there's no need for a paper shreader in the kitchen!

1) she admitted to hacking- fail
2) she printed out the email - fail
3) Battle.net accounts have the SC2 game ready for download - fail

in closing the psycho-mental midget did nothing more than waste her time because you STILL got hte beta key... LAME!!!

Ima have to call shennans too..

You guys... She has an IMDB page... The girl's name is Wendy McColm, look it up. Fake and viral marketing I'm SURE. >_<

so. hot.

well she's scared off any future boyfriends thats for sure

thats just way way over the line.

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haha, what a bitch, oh well, i hate starcraft anyway

God I hate these fucking fake ass webcam rants that people do. Like when they film themselves watching shit to get some "oh so crazy" expression. Its all bullshit....EVERYONE acts different when they know there is a camera watching them. This bullshit is fake too....maybe tryin to get a spot on The Hills or something. God I fucking hate losers like this.

You've got to admit, she's hot

Why are you guys supporting her boyfriend?
For all you know he could have done something fucking stupid like cheated on her or something like that (then he deserves to get punched in the balls like twice in that case which she should totally do)

It's fake though... some girl called Wendy Mccoulm or something.

To confirm the fakeness (if no one has said this already), Blizzard never sent "codes" in the literal sense of the word, for starcraft 2. They send you an email to inform you that you've been invited to play, and that thusly the game has been added to your battle.net account collection (Only people who had registered/verified their purchased Blizzard games on battle.net could apply for the beta). After that, you just had to log into battle.net as usual and and download the game from the site and play >.> gg

whats the big deal? its just starcraft.

@157 WTF JUST starcraft? watch koreans.... they get gfs and cash from starcraft so plz stfu

You're lucky it was diet. The stuff's not sticky.

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