Apr 27 2010Please Don't Be Super Effective, Please Don't Be Super Effective: Real Pokémon Monsters


NOTE: Full-res shot HERE if you're man enough. I was not.

This is what a bunch of Pokémon characters would look like if they weren't designed to appear all friendly and lovable to children. Well I've got news for you, kiddies: REAL MONSTERS AREN'T CUTE. Real monsters are ugly and vicious and will tear you limb from limb if you even THINK about getting out of bed at night. What's that? Haha, no nightlight tonight, daddy's saving electricity. Sweet dreams!

These Real Pokemon Will Give You Nightmares [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, who once risked life and limb for a midnight snack. Please tell me you made s'mores.

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Reader Comments

Que escared.

I wish GW would write in the comments

its ok..... i like the electrode and voltorb thats about it......

Creepy. Farfetch'd is awesome, but some of these just bother me. Why is Lickitung's tongue covered in eyes and Arbok's hood covered in faces and have an extra mouth?

Who wants an unfriendly version of my master balls?

Effin AWESOME!!!!! :3

@2 He usally does as a 15 year old boy /troll. He loves a good inter-webs fight. I KNOW HE DOES.

What's with all the trypophobic shit in this pic? Pardon me, while I vomit and scratch at my skin for the next half-hour.

Magikarp is terrifying.

Nobody beats Jigglypuff. NOBODY.

Psyduck is the best. Look at him in this form makes me feel even worse for him. Makes you want to put him out of his misery.


@8 thanks for giving me another word I never want to google ever again


So this is what happened when kids born in 1990 grow up into demented little adults...

oh god my childhood... ruined.

THAT SHIT AINT RIGHT. like a pic of god smoking a bowl while chuckling at seinfeld.


And yet I can't help but appreciate the little details in this pic. It is truly a work of art.

But still totally messed up. Ew.


Can you blame him? Seinfeld while high is some funny shit...


Who draws realistic pokemon without including the greatest one, Missingno :]

Eww these look stupied and nasty Dx

LOL @ 5.

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