Apr 5 2010*PEW PEW!*: Awesome Mega Man Hoodie


This is a Mega Man hoodie designed by deviantARTist bmansnuggles. Allegedly he's trying to get the thing manufactured which is probably the smartest thing I've ever heard considering it looks like it was stitched together with pure awesomeness. Or thread. Probably thread. Thread of badassery.

bmansnugges' DeviantART
Mega Man Makes For a Mega Hoodie [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to Cindy, who also wants a dog jacket that looks like Rush.

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ps: dicks?

vague, but i like it. hard to say if anyone would get the reference without being told

I would never wear this, but I would use a robotic dog to spring me into places I could not jump to.

i want to feel it against my skin. i want to rub it all over my face.

catch - google "mega man hoodie" to see if anyone gets the reference. THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! i a huuuuuggggeee geekologie fan.

@ Brendon Nice work!!

This is just like when I was a kid and use to draw my hands inside my sleeves to pretend I was Mega Man. Now I really can be!!

Even if he isn't able to get them manufactured, he should be awesome and make me one....one for every boss color scheme. That way I can walk around with a backpack full of amazing. Never know when you are going to need a leaf shield or a crash bomb...

looks like something folks wore in the 80's

fail. this hoodie is missing awesomeness.

speedo not included

OMG I want one!


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