Apr 13 2010I Like: A Manly Bookshelf For Manly Readers


I love books. Mostly children's and comic books, although I have perused one of the coffee table variety because all the magazines at the doctor's office sucked. But the problem with books is this: where do you put them? Do you just stack them on the floor and use them as a table to hold up empty beer cans? Or do you put them in the kitchen cabinets because you don't eat anything but frozen pizza and chocolate pudding? Neither -- you squeeze them together with a vice and hang them on the wall. Of course! I feel just like Ugg after he first discovered the wheel and rolled it down a hill to f*** up a dinosaur. Only I can't club my lady-friend in the head and make her watch me have relations with it after smarter.

Newton bookshelf holds your books with a vice-like grip [dvice]

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Reader Comments

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That is the dog's bollocks.

fail self

@1...........you really need to stop talking about yourself like that. Have some pride in yourself...........just sayin


what? I cant hear you very well, your moms liek licking ma sack ya know?

JADE huh? that like doenst even make sense, what are you liek a rock ro something?...lawl

@4 Lawl..He was talking about ur liek mom. But i can see u relized with that comment Lawl.

@5 & 6 ..........WOW you are really stupid. (yes you are the same person) Stay in school ..........just sayin

How does one remove just one book without having the others fall? More of a show piece and not a functioning bookshelf. Or vice for that matter. Maybe Joe Pesci should have one, reminiscient of the scene in Casino. I wanted to build vices in Miami, for the sake of having a goofy company name. Of all the vices I've indulged in Miami, this would be the most literal.

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That shit is manly. Clearly, that bookshelf is ideal for holding books like The Alphabet of Manliness. Just The Alphabet of Manliness. I should go out and buy, like, six copies of it right now, just to clamp it to my wall.

With a stupid post about a stupid thing, you can only get stupid comments.

Your copy of Twilight is going to look great in there

How the hell do you get just one book out? This is stupid.

Whipping out just one book is easy. But only if you're awesome manly.

(sound of books crashing to the floor)

I meant to do that!

WTF.....real men dont read books

Why would you...I mean...is there a...reason...looks maybe...wtf?

WTF.....real men dont read books

@13-14 Mad bcuz there Boyfriends Left them for a women.

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