Apr 15 2010Dammit Darwin: Idiot Sits On Exploding Airbag


NOTE: Video is after the jump because it's just too explosive for the front page. Also, some dude yells "SHIT!" when the thing goes off so be sure to turn your speakers up loud enough for your boss to hear.

This is a video of some idiot sitting in a chair atop an airbag his friends (who obviously aren't really his friends) are about to remotely deploy. In this case, the airbag does little to protect Captain Crashtest. As a matter of fact, it does just the opposite. Now I know what you're wondering: "OMG, does he die?!" Unfortunately not. But thankfully, if he keeps this shit up his days are numbered. I'm talking double digits, tops.

Hit it for the relatively worthwhile video.

Man Rides Exploding Airbag Indoors, Internet Laughs [jalopnik]

Thanks to Peterman, who once sat on top of a seat belt fastener until his leg fell asleep. NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A VIDEO WORTH WATCHING!

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Reader Comments

Idiots. Comes from upbringing. Parents were probably idiots too. If you ever have any kids like that Lorraine, I'll disown you.

those things can be lethal... when you dismantle a steering wheel you ALWAYS place them top up. and never put anything on top of them. getting a screwdriver through the head sucks.

HEHEHE he went up in tha air and came back down.

Why don't you just post RWJ's =3 youtube videos since you seem to just use all of the videos he reviews anyways...

GW writer, you could do better. I can name all the source's you steal shit from on one hand. Do better.

How do you name sources on a hand? Do you mean sign language?

STop being gay and putting videos behind for more ads, F-U GK Wrter

I banish u

You could always find another website to read.
Just sayin.

So this is what happens when retards watch Mythbusters.

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Yves Saint Laurent shoes are playful and a little sexy. This brand combines logic and magic to create shoes that are obviously made of quality materials with good value and an American style that is distinctive and aspirational.

@4,5,7, or you could make your own blog. We all know that if you did, you'd steal everything from geekologie, but it still wouldn't be half as awesome or widely read.

@9, haha, I know it's stupid and dangerous, but it actually looked kind of fun. I'm kind of hopin' the show will still be on when I finish school so I can get a job there, but that's seven years from now, and I'm sure there are higher paying jobs for chemists with doctoral degrees. Actually, I'm counting on it. Here I come, seven-figure salary and Nobel Prize! Yeah, in reality, I'm probably going to be washing e-flasks and test tubes for the rest of my life.

Geekologie writer is awesome, I have been coming to this site for years. But in the last 6 months the posts have gone downhill. Any long term viewer would say the same. But when saying this I know that its better then most sites out there I just miss the glory days :P.

rednecks + camera = win...or death

@1 that was beautiful, nothing like a film about an old man, his car and his young friend :P

Always remember to buckle up for SAFETY!

@13 ... or urine and/or feces sample cups, who knows what life has in store for us all? But I just want you to be prepared. Also, seven years? We won't be here in seven years, 2012? Hello?

-In all seriousness, go kick the shit out of those chemicals, and make the cure to human idiocy while you are at it. I can use some myself!

I have a question: Why do some people take the time to come to this webpage just to bitch about the posts and write dick comments that disrespect the GW? If you don't like it, go to a different webpage. Don't be assholes. GW is the funniest blogger around. Go make your own blog douches

Fall down go boom! Hahahahahahahahaha!

@16: Is that what that movie was about?


Well I'll be damned. I suppose it was.

Did Captain Crashtest died?

@12 FTW. Haters gon hate.


Remember that time when a guy sat on a airbag and was NOT smitten for being a complete waste of genetic material? WTF times...WTF times...

GW is the funniest blogger around. Go make your own blog douches

Hm, so THIS is the american space programme these days...

wot no slo-mo ? Still funny LOL

what a bunch of rednecks.

"yeeeeeeeehaw! hey, pa. let's make old jeb here shoot of in this here car seat! woooooo weeeeee!"

Am I the only one who secretly hoped the dude would hit the ceiling, somehow triggering a collapse of the entire building that killed everyone?

Who's with me?

The Volvo seat saved this idiots life...
Volvo > Darwin?

Redneckies! :P

Good thing they did it under a roof and on concrete.

He's fine, his head broke his fall.

For people like this, I demand that the Government employ mandatory vasectomies. We cannot have people like this diving into the gene pool.

I am not surprised by the southern accent.

This was really gay.

Gotta love Rednecks.

@ 33.

haha only red necks! "that was awesume"

shit was hilarious though just gets launched!

This guy won't ever shit right again.

@23. Lovers gonna love. I don't even want, None of the above, I want to piss on you. Yes I do, I'll piss on you, I'll pee on you. lol. drip. drip. drip.

I wish people didn't automatically think people from the south that have southern accents are stupid. And FTR I love Geekologie :) Everyone has to get their source from somewhere. I have to look pretty much one place to find something to spend my spare time. Well that and google. But Geekology < Google. You know the whole gmail and stuff :P

So this is why they never have my car fixed on time.

GW is smarter, faster, better looking, and better in bed than any of you haters (or even fanboys) will ever be.

First word that came to my mind after seeing this is: Idiots the Second is: WHY?
and lastly: How long will he live for?

Humor is for the weak. Real men write with fists and blood on the parchment that is battle. Nonetheless, your womanly joke-speak is veryveryvery well done.
First time here mos def not my last.


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OK wasn't this posted a few months back?... ummm weird dude, just weird... sure post old stuff from other sites but not old stuff from your own site. That being said... love this site!

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