Apr 2 2010Bad Ideas: A Dancing Samurai Robot Server


Have you always envisioned a robotic samurai serving your last meal before chopping you to bits and/or burning the flesh from your bones? But I didn't order the slow-roasted death! You're losing your tip fast, mister.

Lapassarad Thanaphant, owner of the Hajime restaurant in Thailand, chose an odd waitstaff for her just-opened Japanese-themed eatery: robots. The robots work to deliver and clear food that customers order via a touchscreen...The robots also dance to entertain customers and, entertaining in itself, are dressed rather elaborately as samurai.

Yeah that's a big ol' no thanks right there. I don't care how many coupons you send in the mail, I'd rather starve than be served by a robot. Or monkey. You really think they wash their hands after crapping on the bathroom floor and throwing it at the toilet? Hell no they don't!

Hit it for the video of the last thing you'll ever see dining out.

Hungry? Let dancing samurai robots serve you [dvice]

Thanks to The Remote Control, who I can't find to save my life. I JUST WANT TO PLAY SOME PS3, GOD!

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I miss japan


This is a complete photoshop job.l You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrogn.

This is exactly like that scene in the moviie Never Back Down where Max arrived at Al Sharptons house with an unconscionable amount of bacon for Als eating pleasure. Max helped carry the tpork into the house in exchange for one of Als kung fu medailons. Max took the madalion and affixed it to the front of his moped as a hood ornament. When he rolled past the Del Tacos, and saw Pat Sajack and Baja wrasslin in the grass nearby, Baja heard the distinctive engine note, and hopped on the back. She sliced the cord holding the cardboard sled, which Pat greedily went after. He was heard to exclaim the only thing better than a cardboard box hoyuse, is one thats infused with baon grease!

So how long until some little 12 year old kid blue tooth hacks this thing into cutting people's throats?

And what would be even better is to see this abomination destroy people to the song playing on the video...

Bad bad bad idea.

Quickly, Mount your Velociraptors! To war we go!!

@6, you've got a point.

From the song:

I think I felt my heart skip a beat
I'm standing here and I can hardly breath.
You got me.
The way you take my hand.
It knocks me off my feet.

Samurai robot servers huh, next you going to tell me my host a zombie ninja...

"is a"...........sorry.

I want one.

Ooooor maybe not. It definitely needs its own soundtrack. Without that it gets old pretty quick.

Those "eyes" make it look downright creepy.

...."They Took Our Jobs!"....seriously robots are taking peoples jobs. But it could serve me eggrolls any day..Better it understand me then I misinterpret it. Kill that b0t!

Yoshimitsiu Exists!

This song in the video is death music to lul you into a false sense of security. You see it waving its arms? its charging up and signaling the micro-b0ts to devour your flesh and kill you to uses your bones as a frame for the new t-1000 series that microsoft is setting up in conjunction with apple and sony....nintendo will be our only hope....were doomed!

The song for the last half of the video is perhaps the best song from an anime ever!

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