Apr 4 2010(Awesome) New Music Genre: Kid's Dino Metal


Dinosaur metal: arguably the best thing to come out of music since the skin flute. Toot toot tootle toot!

Hevisaurus was a band made up of members from legendary band Dio and Sonata Arctica. Their goal was to recrod heavy metal for children. After an intense brainstorming session, someone thought of buying a bunch of dinosaur suits and the idea stuck. The music itself is in Finnish, but the lyrics usually deal with popular children's stories and, you know, dinosaurs. Because that's the heart of metal.

There's a worthwhile video of a Hevisaurus concert after the jump, and I've gotta admit: I rocked out with my dino-loving peener lighter out. Damn yeah I set the couch on fire! And as soon as I finish this I'm calling the fire department.

Hit it for the concert video.

Children's Dinosaur Metal - Best Genre Ever? [woldoddities]

Thanks to Molly, who's getting the dino band back together. Count me in!

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Reader Comments

OMG you just killed the whole meaning of metal!

Giant inflatable bananas?

Hey, I think dino metal is awesome.



Easter and dinosaurs!

That girl was totally going for a high five at 1:12 and that dinosaur left her hanging. That's so metal.

i linked this to GW like a week ago!! :[ what a disappointment.

What the hell they talking about?? Nevertheless another try on hell to make us all listen to metal! You won't getme beelzebitch!

This video makes me vomit

bahahahahahahahahaha FAIL

This is so full of win I can't help but spontaneously combust!

The lyrics roughly translate as:

"You're hot to take all we got,
Not a dry seat in the house.
Next day we'll be on our way,

But tonight I'm gonna rock ya, tonight I'm gonna rock ya,
Yeah, tonight I'm gonna rock ya tonight."

Or something like that....

First time in history where the word "legendary" has been combined w/ the words 'Dio' and 'Sonata Arctica.'

And the last time.

I wish we had something like this for kids in America.... Instead we get Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana....

So, doubters, do you still consider this lame? I think not.

they are gonna give the chuck e cheese band a run for their money!!

look out sesame street!

Is it just me or this was not metal at all?

No wai. Nerdcore is definitely the best genre.

Was this from Barney the musical?

i think next will be robo rap for kids and dino metal. dino metal and robo rap will battle for ultimate musical control and we can only hope dino metal will win

That's n ot Dino-Metal, That's just KISS

Reminds me of something that would have been in the Super Mario movie where Mario and Luigi go to Bowser's universe and everything is dinosaur....

It's more like just dino-rock...?

Hey this is finnish. Never thought seeing it on american site. :D

#14 got a very good point there.

Are they holding giant bananas at 2:29 ?

OMG! DAMN LOVE IT! The world needs more like this!!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did it first, AND better!

This looks kind of familiar... only... turtles?

It's more 80's metal but still pretty enjoyable. It beats the U.S. Child aimed music.

Forget this song, listen to the other ones on Youtube.
They play real metal D: lightspeed solos and all. Not all seem child friendly, but then again, they're finnish.
Haloo Haloo. Go! Do it!

tsk tsk.... naughty Dino rockstars taking shortcuts... i mean theyre obviously lipsyncing... They dont even have lips!!

I love you Finland

Oh heck yeah.
I'm totally gonna feed this to my child.
As an added bonus: he/she'll learn Suomi as well!

You just know that there's 5 bearded tattoed Finnish men in those suits and one of them drew the short straw and has to be the girl dino.


As a side note, I happen to be a virtuoso on the skin flute.

Anyone from CA here?
If so, what road do you live on? =D
I'll streak past your house >_<

This Video belongs to Sony Music. I cannot watch it. Sony sucks!

Recrod... Heh.

How can they play their instruments in that suits?! o.O

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0pJkfKgpgw&feature=related that is the same band but that song is better than the one GW shared

it's so sad that this sounds better than 99% of whats on fm radio these days, i wish i was joking

This is freaking amazing!

This kicks the Wiggles ass's!!

Hahahahaha, kinda like it.



"They Took our Jobs!?!?"


Couldn't understand a damn thing they were saying but I loved the music anyway.

Smart of them, they're packaging their way too edgy metal music for little children - hooking them young so they'll grow up liking rock again.

Could this be the rise of metal to popularity again? Hip Hop/Rap/R&B has had a good run...

I totally wish that I had this as a 4-year-old so I could jam out in my playroom with my ninja turtle action figures and my super mario bros. t-shirt.

are they like the first attempt of Lordi? they're finnish, so i'm just saying... or maybe, they became lordi after they came out of the tar pits... i dunno..

I'm calling it right here and now, one if not more members of this "group" will ultimately commit suicide during a "what the hell did I do with my life!?" moment....bet

goo goo gaa gaa dinosaurs are neato!

waaaaah, i want my mommy!!

sonata arctica faking rules!!
going to see them in atlanta april 30th!

Omg why wasn't I aware of this! DRAGONS AND METAL! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Also, Sonata Arctica, omg :D

under the costumes it's probably just euro Jonas borthers

@55 those are no costumes.They really are dinosaurus.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJUIrnxP0qE here's another song from the same singer(I believe) with his original band.

@14 - That's exactly what I was thinking. It could be worse. Jonas Brothers? horf... Sorry. Can't stand them. And don't forget about the frickin DoodleBops. horf... I'm okay. horf... Maybe not. I guess "Dino Metal" is at least better than that, although I'm with #20. It's more like Finnish KISS.

Luckily, my kids have been raised in a house full of different kinds of musical influences. Everything from Russian Industrial to Middle Eastern Pop to Puertorican Reggaeton to American Metal & 90's Grunge. My kids like it all, but their favorites are anything played on Guitar Hero & Rock Band. My boys (8 & 9) love Danzig & Offspring while my daughters (13 & 5) love Paramore & Disturbed. And they all like Eminem and ICP. I don't have to listen to that dino crap.

OK first they speak finnish they are finnish and I am from finland and I am so pissed of this shit!!!!

They could learn a thing or two from G.W.A.R.

IF ever i have kids, i'll stick to raising them on bands like Korpiklaani, Celtic Frost, Old Man's Child... you know- real metal:)

Sonota Artica & Dio-> cute, but the vocalist SUX...


To all those who think this killed metal, screw you. yes i know it isnt conventional metal, and yes i know what metal is i listen to metallica, megadeth, nightwish, within temptation, testament, arch enemy, anthrax, nightmare and now hevisaurus. this is good music and for younger kids whose parents wont let them listen to real metal and i very much like the whole other language thing.

If you realize that these guys are the Finnish equivalent of Barny... you realize how ridiculously awesome they are. :P

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