Apr 8 2010Afraid Of The Dark (Side): Lightsaber Nightlight


Let's just take a minute to reflect on the all-encompassing awesomeness that is the title I came up with. Kidding, it's pretty sucky. NO IT'S NOT EITHER! This is a remote-controlled lightsaber nightlight for those of you that are afraid of the dark. Side. Afraid of the dark side. I CAN'T STOP!

This sweet remote-controlled, wall-mounted lightsaber light is able to change into seven different colors and can be adjusted via remote from bed. If you get scared, you can just look up and see that you're being protected by the Force, or the Jedis, or something like that.

The lightsabers are available for preorder now ($25), but won't ship till the 3rd quarter of the year. Which I think we can all agree is a long time to wait if you're worried about Sith touching your butt while you sleep. But what can you do? (I cut both cheeks off)

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OMFG, it's a remote-control lightsaber nightlight! [dvice]

Thanks to Spartacus, who doesn't need a nightlight because he keeps a campfire burning in a wastebasket. Sounds safe to me.

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if there were ever a test to determine how gay your child is.... this is it. Buying this will guarantee: your son will never get laid, never leave the house, and will grow to 300+ pounds - but still drink a diet coke. If your daughter wants this.... well that's cool - cause the world needs more lesbians!

@ 2

Of course a sith would say that.......don't care, am getting one.

Are those Star Wars sheets AND a model of Darth Vader on the nightstand?

It should be remote controlled with the mind!

Oh man, I would totally get this if it wouldn't make girls think I was afraid of the dark! who am I kidding though...I'm still gonna get one :p

@3 , he's just worried this awesome power will stop his sneaky uncle Vader ways.

The child may wake up and think they are about to be sliced in half

Must have. Will go great with my original Empire Strikes Back pillow cover.

#8: agree; the kids going to wake up in the middle of the night to pee and see the red colored light saber and (PANIC!) pee the bed.

With a nightlight that big they may as well leave a proper lamp on.


Uhh...My birthday's on Thusday April 15...So if anyone would be kind enough...to...I suppose...maybe get me one as a present...you know..like a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm just sayin'....pew pew kthxbai!

Fake & Gay

Making 11 year old nerds a liitle less frightened :)

I'd be afraid of backing up into this thing.

Help! I'm being impaled! Help me get off!

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