Apr 30 20103-D Needs More 3-D: Sexy Avatar Cosplay


I never made it to see Avatar because I was banned from the local theater for trying to sneak one of those beer helmets into the new G.I. Joe, but blah blah blah, boner boner boner. Oh yeah GW, you've still got it.

Hit the jump for the uncensored version in case the other F word post wasn't enough to get you off today.


Morning links with the dog who hates birthdays [filmdrunk]

Thanks to lil co., who has breasts that could make any Na'vi cry. Baby Jesus too.

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Reader Comments

i want to paint those blue titties white.... just sayin

I wanna tattoo of that on my back.

Excuse me ma'am, what time is it?

MEEEEEEEEEEOW!!!!! I want to bond with your tail with my tail!

Considering how small Neytiri's tits are, that's a pretty bad attempt at cosplaying.

I would titty f*ck that chick in a heart beat... Na'vi dees nuts!

Tsun oe put it mì nga txìm?

FAKE! The ears are photoshopped.

That's Na'vi for "Can I put it in your butt"....

WIN. Thank You GW you made my friday. F**k the haters!

oh please. that's photoshopped. the original picture is off of freeones.com.
so i've heard, of course.........

I would love to rest my head on those pillows.

Hmmmmm I like the originals better.
Hulk hands on jj.am.

Your edit of fucking made it funnier.

Sorry guys, not a cosplay but a toshoped b*tch http://www.tineye.com/search/45ab47323ab34c197a5a5b493d93ea7743334b1c

Tits.. doesn't matter...

fail... sooo much...
avatar is stupid, and people are getting too into need to chill.

Thank you for the severe case of lust at work.

Epic tits. Even without the avatar photoshop that'd be hot.

don't you mean "36-DD needs more 3D"?

@7 ok, so you're either gay or a woman... who's looking at her ears?

wow, i can't stop looking at her ears!

Well, I am.

its a shop, but it IS a good pic. but the original is better.

@12: your right


If this chick wearing "Gorilla Glasses"?

Great. Now losers will be photoshopping blue into all kinds of porn.

Because nothing's sexier than a chick who wants to look blue while wearing an opened shirt next to her laundry.

i actually noticed she was blue and shit after i was done staring at her tits.

The idiot that suggested these are 36DD has clearly only looked at tits on the internet. I'm guessing 34F or 34E

I'll take 2 please! where do I order?

google 'winter pierzina' - she used to have the site bustywinter.com.

Holy cleavage Batman!

photoshopped, i've seen the original of that photo.

The Beer Helmet bit literally made me LOL.

Fantastic GW.

But whats the name of the model?? I demand to know

@35 her name is "goatse". Google it.

But unzip first. Before it's too late.

> Spanked < :D

@36, that's so wrong. tell him the truth.
google image "tubgirl". you'll get her then.

i dont care what species she is i want her on my bed

blue tastes like purple....

@29, I'm pretty sure those are 36DD, maybe 36DDD, because they look a lot like mine. Except blue. I don't think hers are bigger than that, but still, big enough to give you back problems (since the age of 12).

This chick had an xtube account for awhile but deleted her account a short while ago. Was going to provide a link but its gone now.

white, blue Idc, I'd titty-f her good...

this pic has been around for years...someone just shopped it, cosplay? gw fail fail fail!

mmmm, milk...

@29 the idiot that suggested they might not be 36DD clearly doesn't know what a play on words is.

i came

her name is Winter Pierzina

your welcome

Scrolling down:

1.wow, she has a surprisingly cute fa--


oman titts... WOOOW.... *role eye* >_>

when you said uncensored...i was hoping you meant nsfw

Major fail, there's no way to ruin a good looking gal like turning her into a blue kitty-person. Avatar is hella dumb, it's not a good movie and all they people dressing up as blue kitty-folk have serious problems...

@ Power. im not sure where your coming from but you may be the only individual that i have seen a post from on any forum that dislikes avatar and this big blue breasted woman which. so what if its shopped your still fapping >.>

Nice tits until she takes her bra off....

to bad she probly made this motivational poster her self...

lol. chansluts. she'll never find actual love.

@41 you've got a set of these?! My email is theolinout@hotmail.com gimme a holler!

those can make a straight girl get a boner. daaaaaaaaaamn!


I hate to ruin it but its a fake ;( http://content.whoregfs.com/tour1/images/section-1-1.jpg



You can also find some of her NSFWiness with a search for "WIntrSprngSummrFall".

yes, would totally pee in ther butt....... some awesome buttsecks and motorboat material right there.

So this is where the blue milk from Star Wars comes from.

She is so not a real Na'vi. If she were a real Na'vi she wouldn't dress like that because they are a noble creature how dare you disgrace the peaceful race of the Na'vi. Is it not enough that the Americans blew up their tree?

They photoshopped all of the blue skin in there, but forgot to add the ponytail thing?

Found on image chan. Epic tits are real

i keep coming back! i want her

My clit just did a back flip

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