Now that's just plain hot. No, EXTRA hot -- just how I like my curry. Plus virgin blood. What? I'M A WIZARD YO, I DO THAT!

True-To-Life Zelda Costume [iambored]

Thanks to GuamOtoko, who made an 8-bit Octorok costume but everybody thought he was just a really crappy octopus.

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Bible Link condemns us all!


This is a complete photoshop job.You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max put LSD in the base's eggs and water, and then let the goats and prisoners go free.

Que good.

Where is 24-bit whore when you need her?
We have a perfectly fine 8-bit whore here.... MLIG

@2 is that men who stare at goats? haven't seen that yet..... just sayin

help a brother out link !


WH00000RE! ....checking geekologie from the cell phone while @ docs office waititng room. I can't see the pic right now but I can't wait to fap it back home, sounds hotsauce

damn double fire, not used to cruising the phone

That's a shield not a bible methinks!

When you compare this to all those burlesque cosplay and dancers you've posted, this one easily eclipses all of them in hawtness.

I can't wait to play just the tip with 8-bit-link-babe

Nooooo! Linking to IAB?! I can never escape it's wrath! Friggin site stalks me everywhere. It won't let me leave it!

And GuamOtoko, if I find out who you are on IAB, expect to be yelled at! So, uhh.. go in the chatroom or something.

thats boring and lame

Does anyone else think it's strange we leave comments but don't care about anyone elses, trolls excluded of course, and then we just move onto the next post and forget about it. Half the time you probably don't come back to read the comments left after yours anyway.

Why do we expect anyone to care about our comments if we don't care about other peoples? Who do we think we're benefiting by writing down whatever's jabbering on in our heads? And to be fair it's not like the comments actually mater anyway, so why do we do it?

The only thing that makes sense is we're commenting to 1UP our ego's. So feel free to post and 1UP yourself below. I'm sure nobody else will notice, but you sure will :)

Insert random comment here <-- then move on to next post.

@13 someone's pmsing now aren't they? BACK TO THE KITCHEN WITH YOU

@13 I just proved your theories wrong by reading your comments. Pfft some professor o.O

You can pick your nose
And you can pixelate Link
But you cannot pick Link's nose because it's pixelated out of existence.

@13, what do you expect? A long thoughtful response?

Everyone else: I read your comments and found them interesting and amusing. Except the spam.

looks like she doesn't have a sword, she could borrow mine BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW! amirite?! no, okay.

Proffessor #4 is the fourth in a line of troll-clones designed to make your blog-reading experience less entertaining and more annoying. Its strategy is to use logic to discourage you from reading or making an article-based comment. This is a complete breakthrough in troll technology, as it goes beyond the actions of the troll, and attempts to control other users as well. Users are adviced to disregard and continue usual blog-commenting activity.

He he, well, nobody cares, and yes, I'm 1UPing my ego. Except, if the prof reads and comments back, he'd prove himself wrong. Lol. I can use logic too :P Besides, I do go back to the articles where I posted comments, and I do notice people do read them.

Lol, that last sentence had 3 do's. Doo dootle doot.


So Link is a chick. Who knew?

@13 wtf are you talking about, I read the comments - even yesterdays comments. Some of us are like family, many others strangers & there's always a few firstards that haven't died off yet fact I just started reading tomorrow comments


I read other peoples comments. They can be funny and/or infromative.

Plus Link has nice legs.

@pixelated link-babe, send me your digits yo! I want to check your tri-force out where those 2 getaway sticks of yours meet.

@25 literally LOL...... just sayin

How come @2 Daisy say the same thing to everything here? LOL. Always with the black hawk down example too. Funny.

@30, it's a zen thing. Or not.

@30 not Black Hawk Down, Never Back Down.

Daisy is the newb detector btw, people who bitch about what Daisy says is likely new to geekologie. The thing is damn near 100% effective.

Daisy ♥

ARE new to geekologie

Blah, my bad! The last one I read her/him(?) wrote was the mario machine. Daisy was going about photoshop again and black hawk down for example. I got em' mixed up.

I'm not new to geekologie, just that I have a busy job in an investment bank so i can troll here all day long.

Here for stress relief every few hours or so. It's damn near 100% effective, too.

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