Mar 11 2010You Will Never Be A Physicist, Or Jedi!


Guess what? Those aren't misconceptions, those are the truth. So this isn't so much a win as a monster fail. Unless you're from the Unifying Force school of thought, in which case I can understand why you'd say the first part, but not the second. So at best half credit. And half credit, my friend, is only 60%. That's a C.

Physics Win [failblog]

Thanks to Iceman, who once mind-tricked the lunch lady into giving him an extra cinnamon roll. Lucky!

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fail points for metachlorians


Q:What is the cause of friction?
A: The Dark Side and recalcitrant Sith Lords.

Too bad we can't see what the person put down for the next question:

"What is the cause of friction?"

Okay GW followers - answer that one & I'll look the other way the next time you pass a note in class.

The dumbass messed up the above question. It should be "N=kg*m/s^2"

It's Jedi not jedis dumbass

Sixty percent for a C? Man I'd love to have that teacher

Still a massive failure for mentioning the m word.

@6 it should be Jedii for plural i think

@7 you didn't get the joke
@9 no

What is the cause of friction?

Sand in the Vaseline.

a 60% at my college is an F :[

@12 a 60% at my college is an z :[

It's a complete win with no signs of fail at all.
Do you for real consider the "midichlorians" to be a part of the force after being mentiond once in the first of the new crapathlonic non-legit Star Wars movies and then never again?

#14, thou cast pearls before swine

Lucas ripped off his idea of "the force" from Castaneda - there are verbatim quotes from his books in the original '77 star wars

It's Jedi not Jedis. Noob.

The plural word for Jedi is Jedi... so epic fail on using the word "Jedis". It's like saying I have two oxes. Not two oxen.

No wonder he can't even spell correctly.

The person totally failed. There is no misconception about there being a light and dark side of the force, like duh. Also medichlorians don't distinguish one as a jedi, thier powers do. He should have replaced the 'and' after the comma with a 'which'. If I was his teacher I would fail that paper for sure.

Q. What is the cause of friction?
A. Smart ass JediS trying to teach grammar it a science class.

Unify Force FTW

this is a huge fail!

... just because you force choke someone or use lightning that equates darkside?? i think the whole measurement of force dark/light side = fail.

or someone quote yoda, and maybe i will remember what the true measurement was??

I think you've found the entry exam for this Apprentice Sith Lord job posting:

Dude has my handwriting! FREAKY!

Okay, first off I'm with everyone on the 'Jedi' thing... it's totally the same word both singularly and pluralized, BUT...

@ 17
It's not like 'ox' and 'oxen' at all... it's like 'deer' and 'deer' or 'moose' and 'moose'.

I'm also SUPER surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that the "M-word" is spelled incorrectly, though. I guess I'm just a big enough geek to realize this and actually point it out... sad, very sad. :(

"The force is neither inherently Good or Evil, it's how you use it."

- Kyle Katarn.

"Meticlorians was a massive public urination on what made the whole jedi thing good. Fuck you, George Lucas."

-George Lucas' father.

@25 I didn't spell it correctly, because it was a pathetic idea.

Now I'm going to play KoToR2, with ma mods.

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