Mar 31 2010The pCubee: An Interactive 3-D Box Display


NOTE: Video is after the jump.

The pCubee isn't just poorly named, it's a "perspective-corrected handheld cubic display". Well look at you and your fancy terminology! I'm a devilishly dapper purveyor of fine interwebs. WELL I AM!

The pCubee is a cube that fits right in your hand and features five flat-panel LCD screens. The screens all work together, displaying the same image but from different angles; when you turn the cube, the displays appear to show you items "inside" the cube that you're interacting with. The perspective and real-time physics appear to be spot-on in the demonstration video.

Neat, I can't wait to see the practical applications. Like, uh, well like porno for example. Plus other things. No, just porn really.

Hit it for the video.

Next-Gen Rubik's Cube? Awesome 5-Screen 3D Display [gajitz]

Thanks to Paul, who made a 3-D sphere but a big company in cube industry bought the patent and buried the idea.

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Neat...but why not just put an object inside a cube with windows. Same effect...less expensive.

I agree, the name is shit,
and by that I mean pCubee...

finally a reason to have those damn 3d screens. i like forward to purchasing an icube

I bet if we watched Spongebob on there, Patrick would look like Kevin from The Office.

3D Boobies.

That is all I am waiting for.

imagine this thing with seemless borders? it would be like holding air... 3d air...

Already exist, buddy.
(In stereoscopic form, of course) Just cross your eyes in between the pictures til they merge.

@7, lol.

Ooops, I meant @6 Durand. Not that I have anything against 3D boobies. At least not at the moment. Unfortunately.

#8, that would be cool indeed.

crazy Blade Runner type crap...blah

This thing is fucking stupid, unless it is made by apple then i want it.

HA! Post #14 - for the win

I'm waiting for the Golden Shower app for the Pcube...

@9 WIN


WOW, AMAZING, if you took the edges off, this might be the coming of the hologram!!!! FINALLY!!!
I Love this, I think it really is Amazing, They should make some games with characters, imagine playing some sort of resident evil with this!!!!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactyly like that scene int he movie Never Back Down where Max wanted to learn karate and ended up waxing the car.

i TOTALLY WAnt to play Monkey Ball !!!

Now that really kicked Nintendo 3DS in the bottom screen

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