Mar 8 2010Riiiiight: The Mac Power Supply Foot Warmer


The Sockintosh was knitted by needle wielding Rachel Burns (appropriate name) and is a unisock for your feet that has a pouch to put your Mac power supply in to keep your tootsies warm. Me? I use a dog.

"I knitted this Apple Mac foot cosy after realising I constantly used my power adapter to keep my feet warm. It has a slot to put your adapter in," Rachael writes on her YouTube page. She also warns: "This was knitted as a joke! Your power adapter should be kept very well ventilated for safety reasons. Dont set fire to yourself please."

Oh really, Rachel? If it was knitted as a joke THEN WHY AM I ON FIRE?! Riddle me that, will you? Also, what were the rules again for being on fire? Stop, gumdrop & troll? Stop, sweatshop & hellhole? Shit, I'm getting pretty burnt up. K, how about one of you just hose me?

Video of the burninator in action after the jump. SPOILER ALERT: Stop drop and crotchshot included. I'm serious.

With 'Sockintosh,' your Mac's power brick is now a foot warmer [dvice]

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Kind of like a smittin... but for your feet.

Also known as F-A-G GAY!

oh - and 2nd!

What would a quintuple amputee do with a uni-sock, you insensitive git!

When my gf wears a uni-sock she flops around like Ariel.

Sexy. Fishy sexy.

if it's legal, i'd hit it!

least macs are good for something

Unrelated: I can't stop saying the word 'porn' or 'pornography'...
Little help ???

I love mac and mac users, everything has to be stamped with the apple logo just so everyone knows what brand device they're plugging into what brand computer with what brand cable that came in that brands bag.

It's an apple, we get it, you use an apple, do we put windows over everything? No, we ahem...customize it to make it our own computer. Not label we belong to a big company :)

Yeah, dogs work really well as foot warmers actually :P

And @8, damn good rant :D

my power cord caught on fire once. scared the hell out of me. then I couldn't use my laptop for a week cause I was waiting for a replacement cable.

Camel toe AHOY at :20 !


very goood

only someone with the personality trait of liking a mac would think of this...that means your really stupid

Well, it's probably a good cable bocks gets hawt as hell.
And it should be marked with an apple, because I doubt any other brand power supplies would even fit correctly.

There's something else to keep your feet warm. Two words: foot fettish.

@17 thanks man, needed that! :)


Of course, setting your feet on fire does keep them warm.

More like a suckintosh

they must have been mad crazy youth

Mac owners are such tards.

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