Mar 11 2010Mutant!: Rare All-Black King Penguin Spotted


National Geographic photographer Andrew Evans recently spotted this rare color mutation of a King Penguin on the island of South Georgia, near Alabama Antarctica. Apparently the all-black coloration is unheard of in penguin's coats. But not trenchcoats. Per the photographer:

Melanism is merely the dark pigmentation of skin, fur -- or in this case, feathers. The unique trait derives from increased melanin in the body. Genes may play a role, but so might other factors. While melanism is common in many different animal species (e.g., Washington D.C. is famous for its melanistic squirrels), the trait is extremely rare in penguins. All-black penguins are so rare there is practically no research on the subject -- biologists guess that perhaps one in every quarter million of penguins shows evidence of at least partial melanism, whereas the penguin we saw appears to be almost entirely (if not entirely) melanistic.

Not to blow your ship off course or anything, Andrew, but look around. See anything unusual about the picture? The guy's mom f***ed a seal, bro.

All-black penguin discovered [yahoonews]

Thanks to Sven, how claims he saw an all-white penguin one time. Sven, that was a snowman.

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Reader Comments

"If it ain't black & white... peck, scratch & bite"

Perhaps the product of an oil spill?

From the article: "Washington D.C. is famous for its melanistic squirrels."

Racist much?

Sweet... reverse albino!!! kinda like reverse discrimination, but for penguin.
@ 5 - you suck!!!

@4, no, you suck!

Evolutionary Biology at work folks!


since GW won't post my stuff, here is some other good things



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The requested URL /_88gTIXqZyBM/SrOQc_FphjI/AAAAAAAAAVk/wtHVvRWSTkM was not found on this server.

CRAP! How long until we have penguins with laser eyes and magnetic powers??? Our days as the dominant life-form on the planet are over!!!

photoshop, the shadows are all wrong

@12 actually, now that you mention it, it looks kinda familiar, think I've seen it somewhere before....

@8,9 nice
@10 atheistgirl, the URL is fine, you cut off the last part "/s400/tattoo.jpg". It's subtly religious tho.

Fake. This is a complete spraypaint job, you can see the empty can just near one of the seals.

Nijna pinguin assassin


Geddit ?

I don't blame you -_-

There goes the neighborhood!

holy crap! that penguin is ultra rare! it's got a seal growing out of it's shoulder! ultra rare i've heard does taste good............

Samuel L Penguin?

Its a mutation because he's black? RACISTS!

@8 LOVE it

@9 weird... can't blame GW for not posting that one... the idea of a guy's ass crack, and bacon in the same image just doesn't sit well in my stomach

@17 I get it! I have his wallet from Pulp Fiction... actually its so old and beaten, i gave it to my kids to play with... just sayin


That is just WRONG.....quick someone club it to death before it breeds......

dat be my nigga!

@21 yeah I totally meant Samuel L Penguin lol. It was because a f**king Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares advert was on the TV =/
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Its a shiny like in pokemon.

They're like normal penguins, but they'll steal your tires!

i love photoshop

poor bastard...

Perhaps he just thought it was dress-down Friday?

I'm assuming that is the culprit for the majority of penguin crime in the area.

So....does this mean he has a bigger penguin penis than the others?

haha FAIL!
that's wat u get for throwin yur tux(shirt included) into the washer insteada gettin it dry cleaned

They should have taken it to breed to start a new penguin race.

I wonder if his coloration affects his feeding much. You would think that fish would be able to spot a penguin with a black belly easier, so therefore he would not get as much nutrition as the others, yet he appears to be somewhat large for a penguin of his kind.

But can it play bass?

Clearly should be labeled Oil Spin Penguin (agree @2).

All black everything.

I'm also SUPER surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that the "M-word" is spelled incorrectly, though. I guess I'm just a big enough geek to realize this and actually point it out

I just want to give him a hug.

@ Ecn: It can't be photo-shopped, it was also caught on film. I, personally, think it could have been a result of an oil spill or something.

awww it's too cute for even me i can not beilive that penguins can be all black i really want a stuffed penguin like that

one word......NINJA!

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