Mar 3 2010LOLWUT?: Spankable Ketchup Bottle Bottoms


Dressing for Pleasure is an online BSDM and other fetishwear supplier that I 100% do not buy adult-sized diapers from. I'm serious, I don't. The whole dressing like a baby thing freaks me out (ahem, Japan). Anyway, DFP decided to advertise their whips and gimp masks on ketchup bottles, encouraging bar patrons to spank the hell out of the bottoms. Clever, but I'll still gonna dig around in there with a french fry to really get the ketchup flowing. And no, that wasn't a sexual euphemism. Yes, yes it was. A BRILLIANT ONE I MIGHT ADD.

Picture (with a couple more butts if you're interested)

Thanks to Trevor, who one spanked a bottle so hard the mustard got scared and threw itself off the table.

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Reader Comments

haha thats funny

Loving it !

So you spank the bottom, and red comes out the front?

Ahhh, and I would've gotten away with it, too...

@3 Ewwww!

It'd be great to just put these stickers on the bottom of ketchup bottles at your local diner.... just sayin

So im guessing that these guys are lacking a bit up-stairs. You dont need a nice soft bottle bag to get your ketchup out. You just gotta be smart. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and lightly hit the small heinz logo located on the flat of the bottle (just above the sticker).

Some like it rough I guess. Who's a naughty condiment? Oh yeah. Coming next, corn cob bondage gear!

No no no, next is a ranch dressing bottle that requires gentle stroking to get to the goods.

Perfect for those Roman enemas...Just saying

@10 at least its not a "Roman Shower" (another dirty sex act for those of you following along at home).... just sayin

MIKE @ 7: You are absolutely correct my friend. This is a great idea if you're into smacking ketchup bottles to no avail. Doesn't everyone know this by now? A 45 degree angle and you smack the 57 on the bottle, not even that hard. Hitting the bottom does nothing but clog the opening. Duh...

Shake, Shake the Ketchup Bottle...
None will come and then a lot'll!!

I think you missed the point here genius, it’s not "Shake, Shake the Ketchup Bottle..." but more: Spank, spank the K...

@14 You put the "L" in LOL...thank you for YOUR genius.

Why is there a picture of a monkey on my ketchup bottle?

So if you shake the bottle until the red stuff explodes out, is that like beatin off Hell-Boy until....... "BOOM goes [his] dynamite"?

And when you want to be really naughty, you just put the sticker on the other end & poke a hole in it...

The 3rd example is definitely a man but I'm not sure of the 4th, and staring at it longer only worries me more.
As for @10, your knowledge of such acts continues to surprise me.

Um, "Spare no Mercy?" What does that mean?

Oh, are these from Japan? They musta got the guys (or gals) who write instruction manuals to write these.

@ 18 how about we just slap that sticker on your ass and let a woodpecker go to town?

@20 I heard of a new one today, but can't seem to find a definition for a "Manchester Mud Pie" .... but I have some theories.

I use a squeese bottle.
But I don't mind an occasional spank.

I don't want to know what their stickers look like for mayonaise jars.

Reminds me of this video :P

#7 and #12 both work for Heinz. Spank bottles in all manners you desire, but abide their word or suffer many a dry french fry.

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