LOLWUT?: Spankable Ketchup Bottle Bottoms

March 3, 2010


Dressing for Pleasure is an online BSDM and other fetishwear supplier that I 100% do not buy adult-sized diapers from. I'm serious, I don't. The whole dressing like a baby thing freaks me out (ahem, Japan). Anyway, DFP decided to advertise their whips and gimp masks on ketchup bottles, encouraging bar patrons to spank the hell out of the bottoms. Clever, but I'll still gonna dig around in there with a french fry to really get the ketchup flowing. And no, that wasn't a sexual euphemism. Yes, yes it was. A BRILLIANT ONE I MIGHT ADD.

Picture (with a couple more butts if you're interested)

Thanks to Trevor, who one spanked a bottle so hard the mustard got scared and threw itself off the table.

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