Mar 2 2010Lara Croft And Princess Leia Snowball Fight

You'd think something billed as a Lara Croft/Princess Leia snowball fight would be chock-full of sexiness, right? Well don't get your hopes up, because not even Frosty popped a corncob bone watching this one.

Lara Croft and Slave Leia Having a Snowball Fight [toplessrobot]

Thanks to charlie, who, oww, charlie -- that really hurt. Charlie bit me!

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What? no comment yet?

i didn't know you could make a snowball fight between two hotties so...not hot

Because who really needs self-respect?

Princess throws like a girl...

I'm not sure which was more exciting, the ad before the video or the video itself


Sorry, I'll stick to LEGO fembots for the time being. Good Morning everyone!

Why? Why? WHY are these women not topless?!
............ just askin


Good morning deez

I thought they were pretty cute, but I could see why no one was too excited about this. Now if they were REALLY fighting (with snowballs) instead of playfully tossing, that extra level of violence goes a long way. BAM! Right in the face, her pretty, pretty face. Now that would have been hot.......just saying.

Goddammit GW. You owe us a hot post after this.

That was hot but disappointing, like that time I snowballed your sister in the mouth (last night).

Weird that I didn't even bother looking at the video right after I git play

Maybe they should have just made snow angels...

Neither one of them knows out to throw a freakin' snowball. Nice tribute to their characters.

hahahahahaha "charlie bit me" ..... that video is so much better than this one

Ad = 30 sec., lame video = 36 sec. This = fail.

It's like they dressed these two chicks up, started the camera, and said "now have a snowball fight!".

And the two chicks looked at the camera guy and said "what's a snowball fight?"

Leia is a useless snowball-thrower. I live above the arctic circle so i know this shit.


Do you realize that 'snowballing' involves _two_ people's mouths? And since you mention just yourself & someone's sister, it's safe to assume the second 'snowballer' was yourself.

Epic Fail.

@20 - ha ha

Umm... Can someone please redo this idea but actually make them bad ass instead of prissy miss pansies....? Great idea, horrid video....

the girl playing lara croft has a nice ... THE LAST RIDE

It isn't as hot as it sounded, is it. But out of the two I'd have Lara Croft.
She's got the best rack.


Now, this would be even better if it was the exact same but in a kiddy pool of vodak jell-o. That way, you get the classic Jell-o fight with the non-freezing jell-o shot twist, the snow balls, and most importantly, you still have the glass cutting nipple effect!

It's got to be Leia every time :)

Does anyone else notice how stretchy laura croft's shorts are

Just a few more of these and the universe will explode from the sheer awesomeness.. Leia FTW!

There was a what fight? between who? and where was I?

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