Mar 25 2010Girl Balancing 15 Books On Head, Solving Rubik's Cube And Reciting Pi To 100 Digits

It's exactly what the title says. Although I would have liked to see the Rubik's cube a little more mixed up. Jesus -- what is this, amateur hour?


Thanks to b00geyman, who can balance 16 books on his head, solve two Rubik's cubes and recite pi to 1,000 digits. Now that's a headlining act.

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That ain't right.

rubik's Cube is solved in the begining, she doesn't shuffle anything

Jail bait?


WTF was that?

I would...

FAIL because she's not also playing guitar hero or undressing at the same time

lets see that pussy, bitch

imagine how many times she wiped out so bad like she almost does at 0:36



That's damn near the sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen.

What an awful cube. *uninterested*

I think I'm in love.

theres a reason she has enough time in the day to come with this stuff to do, butterface

Shes cute too! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

I must have her!!! (God love the ginger girls!!)

I'm sure that "skill" will come in real handy.
I bet the cup stacking people are laughing at her.

Hm. That was odd.

you're right!!! the cube is already solved!!!

Is this unusual? i thought it was called foreplay... HIYOOOO

Will she marry me?

i just have one small gripe with her reciting of pi, you said things like seventy-five which is bad form

Ok whatever

1. Cube was not really THAT messed up as writer suggests
2. NOT ONE of those books moved an inch off the others. They look glued together.
3. She keeps glancing down like she is looking at something.. maybe a poster or something of Pi out to 100 digits?

I call bullshit on this one.

she is one of the actress of the servian movie

The whole time I was watching this I was just hoping for some random guy to run in and just tackle her. lol

Next video should be all this plus nipple piercing

I wanna do her while she does that.

lets see her stack 15 ibooks, solve two rukicks cubes, recite pi to 1500 digits, while getting naked and playing guitar hero with her tits.

oh, and flay around the room a few times.

while playing a real guitar.

and the guitar shoots missiles...

@23: Agree, and I actually think the cube is completely solved at the beginning, she just sorta moves it back and forth.

needs more cowbell...

(765) 967-2505 - Text me bby!

I don't care if this is possbily fake, it's still the sexiest thing I've seen on the internet.

@32 : You really are in need... poor thing.

OMG marry me woman!

I smell home school.

I can do that.............. with my penis!!

OMG you are amazing, and hot!


congratulations. you got yourself attention. maybe next you can do something that proves you have a modicum of worthwhile intellect instead of far too much time on your hands.


The cube is solved in first place so it doesn't count, so yeah, she is no too awesome.

yea but what is she doing out of the kitchen?

you guys the rubiks cube is not completely solved in the begining, it almost is though, there's a few sides that are messed up.. im sure she practiced backwards by undoing it and redoing it in as many steps as she could remember.

I am SO disturbed by this. Disturbed by how hot it is.

I actually know her...I went to a small private high school with her and she now goes to UT and @44 your right, she did have half of it completed so that she would finish the Rubik's cube and reciting pi at the same time. And no, I promise she doesn't have the books glued..why would she glue her textbooks together?? She actually randomly walks around balancing things on her head all the time :D

I can do all of that WHILE eating bacon. Top that shit.

All this memorizing, reciting, it's irrational.


The whole thing sound impressive

I'm not that impressed.

Doesn't care unless she could do that while making breakfast

"1. Cube was not really THAT messed up as writer suggests"

It was not only "not messed up", but was solved. She just shuffled it around a couple times, but never messed it up.

"3. She keeps glancing down like she is looking at something.. maybe a poster or something of Pi out to 100 digits?"

Why would she put it on the ground? She could just put a poster on the wall behind the camera and read off it while "looking at the camera"

wow, I'm sure that'll get her far in life... who has that much time on their hands? I'm using my memory for useful crap... now where did I put my wallett?

@46 that's cool you know someone who has a popular youtube video! I tried to make a youtube video once and put it on there and the only comment I got on it was "GAY"

I can and have done that even while getting rocks thrown at me!

Ive been reading GW for years and THIS is the first thing I feel the need to comment on??!

Some of you guys need better video cards because I can see that she at least attempted to shuffle that cube and my Radeon is like a tome from a mayan temple right now.

And despite the redundancy in posts.... that had to be the hottest thing Ive seen since the lesbian scene in Mulholland Drive.

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