Mar 2 2010Crazy Impressive Rube Goldberg Music Video

This is the music video for Chicago-based OK Go's 'This Too Shall Pass', which consists of an unbelievable 3:53 long Rube Goldberg machine. You have to watch it. I mean, you don't haaave to, you'll just miss out if you don't. Then, at the water cooler tomorrow when we're all talking about the awesome music video we saw you'll just stand there looking stupid with your hands in your pockets. You'll make a comment about a Lady Gaga video. We will point and laugh. You will cry. We won't feel bad.

Hit the jump for four making-of videos.

OK Go's (Embeddable!) Music Video For 'This Too Shall Pass' Features Insane Rube Goldberg Machine Sequence [gizmodo]
Astonishing Rube Goldberg music video by OK Go [dvice]

Thanks to uglybuckling, Cheeser and Yopoleo, who know if you can't make a good song, at least make a hell of a music video.

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Props to the camera man for managing to stay out of the way.

That was pretty darn awesome.

damn that was good

Anyone else notice the dinner chair part looks really really fake, like it was thrown together in 3DS Max, look at the shadows and the floor texture...

The chairs in question are at 1:51 by the way.

More like 1:44, my bad

i liked the music video, but the making of vids were basically just that damian douche stroking his own ego.

Hell yeah. That was cool.

That was particularly surreal muted, with Bach's Brandenburg Concertos playing.

@6 You sound like an oddly evolved version of Daisy. One who can politely question the integrity of a visual medium. I'd welcome this change.

That's amazing. It looks like so much fun. Especially the part where the guys gets yanked backwards. That looked cool.

They did a whole separate video for the same song.




I liked both the music and the video, and that was pretty fucking awesome

hey so who else turned the music off just to watch the machine huh? yeah crappy emo music sucks and all that

I tried my luck to produce something like that but it was in vain. That was some sort of creative idea to do it but it didn't go right from the start. Rube did a great job behind whole this.

Please go revise the concept of emo, you got it all wrong.

I like its album but its not too good that i have expected when these two Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney comes together once again.I thought it would be rocking than the two before.I m disappointed with this album.

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Black And White... we are all the same ^_^ ^_

oh man, that is the best Goldberg contraption I've seen yet. @3 for serious.

I'm so sick of rube goldberg machines I can't even tell you.

THIS excuse me however was fucking mind blowing!

Yes, OK GO made another video for This Too Shall Pass. This one done with the Notre Dame Marching Band. Not sure which I like more. Judge for yourself:

I wander how many takes it took to get all that in one shot.

i love rube goldberg machines... haha all that work just to get splattered with paint... that was impressive!

praise allah for mute. music sucked but it was a kickass video.

Wow! That was cool. I love it when the guitar plays the water glasses.

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