Mar 2 2010C'mon, Gimme One More Try!: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Female Orgasms


The female orgasm, like a unicorn, is a rare and mythical creature. Unless you're like me, in which case they're like plain ol' deer: you see them all the time, and, move often than not, have to swerve to avoid hitting them with your car. Well this is an informational graphic explaining the phenomenon, which, from what I gathered, is like a total eclipse for some couples. Unless you're like me, then it's like the sun in California: you see it all the time, but you don't want to stare directly at it. Wait, I'm thinking of Medusa. You see, Medusa is like a vagina....

Hit the jump for the whole, very informative chart. Go on -- maybe you'll learn something!


The Female Orgasm: By the Numbers [koldcast]

Thanks to GreenBoss, who you have to beat before proceeding to RedBoss's level.

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This printout will make a great poster for the back of the bedroom door

Woo KU. hahaha

not first!!!

The whole men faking it thing just blows my mind. Not that guys try to fake it, but that any woman is stupid enough to believe them. I mean really, it shouldn't take the cast of CSI and a pair of sunglasses to figure out.

Neither my girlfriend nor I can reach orgasm without Geekologie stimulation.

So wait.... Men know their way around women's vaginas better than women themselves do? Does not compute.

What about the male orgasm? Dont we get the stats on that?

I'm starting a class at KU next year. The purpose will be to make sure every young girl knows exactly where her g-spot is. This will be a very hands on class. It should be a good follow up to this study.

What a lame subject, step it up? Since when is it a guy's responsibility for a girl to have an orgasm. A girl should bloody well know how to get her own orgasm. If she's gettin shagged doggy style, and she knows she doesn't have an orgasm through bumping uglies, she should know to start to finger herself to help the process along. Yet i have only been with one woman out of dozens who did this. Women take no responsibility at all, point the finger and blame the man.

For the record I'll go down on my girls and make sure they get off, but it just pisses me off somehow it's our responsilibity. Take care of it yourself, I got mine! And yes I've faked orgasms with girls; its EASY to get away with. There are a lot of girls who are HORRIBLE at sex. Maybe they're bitchy, boring, don't know what they're doing - you name it. Just pretend you finished, grab the condom and run to the bathroom. Flush it. She'll never know. Then kick her boring ass out.

So the pelvic floor is key to a woman achieving orgasm........ not to brag, but my wife now has a separated pelvis, thanks to me..... just sayin

could it be that american women cannot have an orgasm through intercourse be because a good percentage of the males are circumcised which changes the natural rhythm and motions of sex as well as increases uncomfortable friction.......

I would wonder how this compares to women in norway or sweden or most of western europe where the practice is extremely rare

@10 No my friend.... sex is like Chinese dinner.... its not over until you BOTH get your cookie.
Granted the woman should know what makes her own body excited, in order to make it possible to reach orgasm, but its your responsibility as partner to help her reach her destination......... just sayin

The "Step it Up, Guys..." section has some sad statistics. Then again, it makes me happy to know I picked a woman who has none of these problems. Unless it's just for the fact that I'm that good

10 is very obviously a virgin.

What a suprise. It's a man who's first.

medusa is like a vagina, becuase they both turn your cock rock hard when you look directly at either one. bam!

Now Closet Nerd, you know very well that separated pelvis was not your fault. And speaking as a woman who knows what works for her, I do agree that some part falls on us ladies to know what we like and how to get it. Ladies, don't be afraid to tell him what you want, or do it yourself!! And invest in a vibrator......just sayin.

"move often than not"


The G Spot is a myth!

my girl is soooooo lucky ^^

Are we caring about this? Are we supposed to care about women's biological/sexual incompetency? Just fulfill your bedroom obligations whether you enjoy it or not. ;)

@12 That seems like a decent argument, but when you factor in usage of condoms, I would consider it a moot point.

Reasons why girls have orgasms "infrequently":

They don't put out: 99%
Their guy is an idiot: 1%

Honestly what guy doesn't WANT his girl to orgasm?
It's a fantastic feeling bringing a girl to that place!

I volunteer to teach those 92% of women some pelvic floor strengthening exercizes.

I thought the G spot was offically declared a myth and doesn't really exist. (Seriously)

Women can have orgasms now?

@8. Hissy_Fett

I'll fill you in: 100% of men orgasm 100% of the time, except for the ones who don't. But they aren't really men, just empty shells.

The K-Spot.
The Kitchen.

Can't believe it, refuse to believe it kind of made me cry my gf had to take me the bedroom and comfort me, Can't mistake the afterwords towel throw. "Here clean yourself up"

10-15% of American women who havent slept with me..........zing......

Question- why do guys get frustrated and irritable when it takes a long time for a woman to orgasm, but then proceed get pissy if she brings out a vibe? It's like we can't win!

lol...maybe amanda bcus they feel so useless bcus they cnt do wat a vibrator can do to women!! at a vibrator knows how to make u cATCH THE O!!


@16 LOL.

Step it up guys? lol because it's always the guys fault, Stop being such prudes and bitches then maybe you'll get your orgasm.

@20, @26: The G-Spot is not a myth.

There was a POLL that found that sometimes, in identical twins, one twin will believe she has a G-spot and the other will not. At _best_ this can only lend evidence than a G-spot is not determined solely by DNA, at worst... it's a POLL. There are a lot of other reasons why one twin would believe she has a G-spot while the other does not (including different sexual partners) if indeed it is genetic and not diet or other related.

A previous study that actually measured physiology found a correlation between the thickness of the upper vaginal wall and the ability to find the G-spot. However, that study had few participants, so the data is not conclusive there either.

In the thickness study, only about half of the participants had a G-spot.

So, it's not a myth (if you still think it is, find more partners. It's definitely not a myth), *BUT* not every woman has one.

"it is a man's duty to give as many orgasms as possible while having as few of them as he can"

This is a fun thing to do so be sure to try this at home kids.

next time your about to have sex, start with spreading her legs and going to town like christmas dinner (gentle though even the tongue can be rough sometimes). eventually bring in a hand for simeoultaneous action. work up to more and more movement (quicker, deeper) until climax. like the pacing of a movie. If you get tired just take a break with some kisses on the neck or something to that effect. Then repeat..

After shes finished. roll over and dont let her touch you. Oh how she will try! (say lets take a break and then fall asleep or something)

the next time you have sex it will be the best time ever.

moral of the story. I think women just like giving men orgasms more than vice versa. Probably gives them a sense of power or something. Its about time we took the power back!

#38 -your GF is lucky...Most guys just dont know how to work their 'jivestick' ...if men focused more on pleasing the women they would get back SO MUCH more in return..I personally love giving head and hate receiving it b/c most guys are horrible at it...but if a guy takes the time to make sure i O first i will do anything and EVERYthing to please him accordingly :)

Oddly, the only completely anorgasmic woman I know is a lesbian...

Even so, women don't necessarily need to orgasm to enjoy sex - at least I've been told so by friends who seldom or never orgasm, despite being with good partners. I can't speak from experience, as I've never not finished with my partner.

I've only orgasmed from intercourse maybe once or twice.

It takes forever for me to orgasm while receiving head too (and no, it's got nothing to do with how good the guy is)

The only way I can orgasm fast is masturbating during sex, or super quick if I'm masturbating during anal sex.

It takes me about 30 minutes if I'm masturbating to porn

Seriously, the US are this bad?? If these womens would come in europe they would experience orgasm.

haha reading these comments has been funny. The moral of the story here folks is that every woman is different. Some have a G-spot, some don't, some orgasm easily, some have a lot more trouble, some prefer different types of stimulation to others. The only universal rule is communication- communicate with your partner what works and what doesn't. Believe me, I've never been with a guy who wasn't open to a little instruction when given nicely.

Making all these myths facts want help anybody. This type of surveys actually promote external affairs to find the unrealistic things. These things can be true but even after that they are not justified.

If most of these women would care more about sex, and more about knowing what it is they like and actually realizing they have to do it themselves, or vocalize things instead of playing stupid "figure it out" games, maybe these numbers wouldn't be so damn high.

No, it's not our jobs to make sure women reach orgasm, do they make sure we do?? Fuck no. Most women don't do jack shit, they expect the guy to do everything, himself ~and~ herself included. Surprisingly, we cannot pinpoint every single damn point on your body at the same damn time in order for you to feel perfectly and exactly how you need to be in your mind to allow yourself to orgasm.

So, if women would actually step it up, get into the whole act of sex itself, instead of laying there and expecting everything to be done for them, perhaps they'd find themselves more aroused!!!!

"90% said their ORGASM problems were psychological in nature" - never a truer statement has been uttered....

The G-Spot is most definitely not a myth. I know this from personal experience.

And maybe if most guys didn't suck in bed then women would have a better chance of having an orgasm. Yeah the in and out stabbing motion may feel awesome to you but what does it feel like to be a girl? Some of you guys should take it up the butt to figure out how unenjoyable sex with you is.

No one has taken in to account that we live in a society that teaches girls especially, to be ashamed of their body and especially it's sexual function. Some women never learn about their bodies and are too embarrassed to ask anyone or make suggestions to their partner.

I faked an orgasm once so I could continue playing oblivion.

@50 - I guess you haven't been watching TV recently; where they've had little girls showing as much skin as is legally possible and chasing boy-wood left and right for the last 10yrs or so.
Can you say, "Miley" and "Pole Dance"? How about "tweener" and "thongs"? No? Maybe "teenager" and "boob jobs" then?
Fact is, it's been little girls specifically who have been targeted and 'sexualized' by 5th Avenue and greedy corporate marketeers. Does anyone remember how difficult it "used" to be to get into girl's pants 10 plus years ago? How about that rarest of beasts, the knob-knob? Today it's nothing - not even considered to be (ahem) s-e-x by "some" people. A heartfelt, "Thank you" to Mr. Clinton, who has made getting "A Lewinski" so easy and popular.

Why do women fake orgasms?

Because they think we care.

Too bad they didn't publish the disparity between the percentages of women who think they know how to give good head versus those who actually do.

Oh true, it's a sexualized culture for young girls, but learning "sexy" is a far cry getting to know your body. It can be awfully hard to find good sex ed for instance, even just pertaining to anatomy. And if we're looking at cultural attitudes, we should clue into the message that men LOVE sex, women TOLERATE sex.
Also, I suspect part of the reason meen scored higher than women in pin-the-tail-on-the-clitoris is because they've had a better chance to examine them - the mirror self-examination is probably less common.

#55 - Women tolerate sex? You've got it twisted. Women are conditioned to believe they shouldn't enjoy sex; that if they like sex then they are sluts. The fact is they enjoy sex as much, if not more, than men. Their orgasms last longer. They can have different types. They can have multiple orgasms in chains or simultaneously. To top it all off they have an organ that has no purpose other than sexual enjoyment. All this and women are taught to believe they shouldn't enjoy's a damn shame.

I've orgasmed maybe 3 times out of 500 times having sex with my boyfriend. Partly because I never want it. It's like bend over and let me so I'll stop bugging you. It used to be a priority to try to make me orgasm. After like a year, it's just about the selfish , him and his penis. Now it's my fault, why can't I get wet at the site of it, why does it have to hurt me, why am I on my period when i'm horny. You'd think after all this time, he would try to look up crap on the internet to know how to do simple things like licking or stroking the , or at least listen to me when i tell him how I do it. So yeah sex for me a toleration for me. It's a "get it over with so I can watch the movie". I do it because I am good at it, at least for him, and I do it because it's a obligation. I would EFFIN LOVE to enjoy sex, #55.

tbh I think it's a about communication and direction. I tell my boyfriend where to put his fingers, and he does it better than I can do. It's an equal deal for us, but i have mutiple orgasms, but he wouldnt know what to do if I didnt tell him.
though this chart doen't apply to me (I'm english) it's generally a topic repeated everywhere, and i'd say the same to anyone

#55 - I realize this is a tech blog (and therefore the last place to go for advice on your sex life) but if what you say is true you need to choose one of the following three options:

1.) Dump him
2.) Withhold sex until he starts actively trying to seduce you again
3.) Get some side action

I like how everyone is trying to blame it on men because of the stats in the picture while simultaneously ignoring the statistic that states 90%of women said their orgasm problems were psychological in nature. Psychological =/= "guy doesn't put in effort, doesn't know what he's doing, etc."

#10 god bless you totaly agree

Men of the world! It is our duty to teach women just what it is they're missing in life......maybe then it'll be easier for a guy to get some. Go teach those girls what sex should really be like and what an orgasm is!

Great to see somehting being done about this topic and the amount of interest in it. Well done great website

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