Mar 7 2010But Can You Make It Dance By Jiggling Your Arm?: Guy's Burlesque Stormtrooper Tattoo


Remember the Star Wars burlesque show that went down not too long ago? Well tattoo artist Bryce Nadeau was so impressed by the artistic expression he got his roommate drunk and tattooed him with a commemorative dancing stormtrooper. And that, my friends, is exactly why I'll never live with another tattoo artist. You know how much it costs to get a Bea Arthur portrait lasered off your buttcheeks? More than I had.

Sexy Stormtrooper Burlesque Dancer Immortalized In Tattoo Form [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to UWANTISHOULDCUTU, who suspects dude has pleasured himself to his own arm at least thrice.

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Reader Comments

Nice "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" reference, GW.

Why would you ever want to laser THAT off, GW? Bea Arthur's the lady!

That's badass.

Now that is a tattoo; unlike that sub-standard Avatar one.

Am I the only one who thinks the tattoo is hotter?

At least it looks good...

Where's the tattoo's tattoo? (on shoulder)

Meh. I've seen worse tatoos.
@7: She got it lasered off at the same time as GW's Bea Arthur buttcheek portrait.
♥ GW ♥

Yea, the tattoo is definitely hotter than the chick...though I would do the chick in a second.

"Aren't you kind of curvaceous to be a stormtrooper?"

what a loser

@5 & 9

ORLY? How is the tatt hotter than her?...that makes minus sense. They look exactly the same. (Kudos to the tattoo artist) I just think you know you have a better chance with the skin on that guys arm.
I just find it comical that you are more attracted to that than an actual real woman who (clearly) is willing to take her clothes off.

That tattoo is awsomely done, to bad it has to rest of an fat, flabby, hairy arm. It deservs better!!

you removed Bea? how dare you! I'm so angry I could, never mind a team marathon starting...

Nice! Finally a tattoo I don't flinch at. Nice to know there are still a couple of competent artists out there.....

those burlesque girls were all scary. way to have a permanent retarded tattoo

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