Mar 22 2010I Said Stop Licking My Neck!: A Yoshi Scarf


Well folks, whichever neighbor it is whose internet I was stealing before mine got connected finally caught on this morning. Thankfully, the cable guy just hooked mine up so I AM BACK ON THE INTERNETS BABY. GEEKOLOGIE LIFTOFF IN 3...2...1....PPSSSSSHOOOOOOOW!!

This is a Yoshi scarf created (with love and yarn) by arts and craftster slash Etsy seller ShadowsInTheNyte. She sells them for $45 and has a bunch of other geeky crochet items as well. You know, if you're into that. Me? I'm into other dudes.

ShadowsInTheNyte's Etsy
This custom-made Yoshi scarf is AWESOME! [destructoid]

Thanks to raficus, who has a scarf made of genuine Yoshi skin because he's sick and hunts little dino-thingies.

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Reader Comments

pretty fricken awesome

shout out to all r003 reading this


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max got questioned by the police and fabricated an entire story out of the different things in the office of the cop that was investigating the case.

I'd wear it. Maybe with my mario bling.

I'd wear that on my cock. Serious.

Since I never wear a scarf, I'd just use it as a fancy oven mitt.

yes but........why?

Daisy ♥


jus sayin

lovely idea - how shabby presented - and this tiny lady better worn a scarf with thrice as much wool - ( funny thing : can see some geeks selling that reddish end as "meat-whip" - ( arghh not even sick humor left 4 me )

and hey WB GW in da net - ( The Better World ) lol - btw : nice 2 play the " research-card" early sold the site already ? oops

I like it, I like it alot.

@12 - A lot.

Not a big fan of Yoshi, but this gives me a great idea for a L4D scarf....

now that we created this awesome scarf.. we just now need a chunky girl to model it off....

now that we created this awesome scarf.. we just now need a chunky girl to model it off....

@13 - lots and lots

Yoshi's a pimp!

I thought it was eating a tapeworm....

@ 13. Thank you spelling fairy. Now F off.

I love me sum Yoshi, but this scarf is ugo. Don't like! You cant tell what it is when you wear it unless you tilt yur head and squint, to much.

god post.................................

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