Feb 21 2010You Will Be Assimilated...INTO MY MOUTH!!


Borg cupcakes: that's what these are. Now I don't know too much about the Borgs except they've always scared the everliving crap out of me (literally, ask the popcorn sweeper in theater 11 after the 4:20 showing of First Contact back in '96), but it looks like two of them have little metal peeners for eyes. So that's something. SOMETHING TO LICK OFF THE TOP BEFORE EATING THE REST OF THE CAKE, AMIRITE?! No, no I am not (I totally am though and you know it).

Resistance is Delicious [wilwheaton]

Thanks to emerica, who prefers platecakes.

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haha seven looks.... strange :D


one of those borgs is very happy

thats not canon

The 4:20 showing? Nice.

yeh its so covert-hipster cool

you bitchin rad dudes

The one on the left looks like Strong Sad.

7 of 9 looks hotter in Voyager.

@4 That's the one that gets disconnected from the hive mind in Next Gen. I think.

Tasty though.

i don't know why but the one with lips reminds me of lady gaga....

assimilate this *roboflex*

PEENERS! this is why i love this blog!!! keep up the good work and the even better vocab GW. LOVE YA NUGGA!

YES. eyeball peeners. I have taken note for the next obscene pastry I throw together for a friendly celebration.

Aww, look at the little Borg cakes.
Not so tough now, are ye!

The 4:20 session is always the funniest!

@14 That link is da bomb. Feel sorry for Spot, though.


Yeah, my guess is that's not a coincidence.

Check out the cupcakes my wife made this weekend....

wow geekologie.
another cupcake post.
you guys are getting better and better and NOT posting my awesome chat roulette video!

We will add your biological and technological tastiness to our own

They look like mini Lady Gagas

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