Feb 15 2010What In The...Why You Naughty Lil Cemetery!


I took the liberty of off-centering the map a little so in case your boss walks by you're not blatantly staring at a giant man-hammer in the middle of your screen. Not that you wouldn't be anyways because you're a pervert, but you're not getting fired on my watch. Dammit, I need you. Mostly to take the blame for things. What? Don't look at me -- it was him, IT WAS HIM!

Google Maps

Thanks to Bret, who refuses to be buried under a giant johnson.

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Reader Comments

it's even squirting

Is there something coming out of the end?....what the hell?

That's not a penis.
That's an octopus.

Ok I admit, I'm a tard, I don't see it!

Or a jellyfish.

I came.

It's funny because it looks like a penis.

looks like it's got a wart problem.

@1-8, that's what she said.

Looks like its going up 'Joan's avenue'


Bury me there~

This "Bone Yard" is full of "stiffs."

And that's how babies are made.

It's even in 'hardin' kentucky.

@9 ok I am ashamed to admit I reread those comments just to add that to add that to the end.

MY fav 3 are
#3 #4 & #6

Here's another penis if you are into peni on maps

opps. (found the penis on a map on an add on the onion home page!)


haha It's even pointed toward what looks like a bunch of bushes.

Look @ the road above.

It's like showing the non-erect version on the top!

The best part is Debra's giant clit about to swoop down on it from above. Cowboy style!

no one mentioned the second dick, (in bushes bum)

look, its making baby rocks! *spwart*

dirty minds are bad mm-kay...

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