Feb 11 2010Why?: Mouse Designed To Look Like Vajayjay


As a man who has never, and probably will never, see a woman's personals, I can't say one way or the other if the G-Point (instead of spot, get it?) mouse actually does look like a female's nether-region when viewed from above. I do know it looks like a futuristic pool float from this angle though. Which -- please tell me that's not what a vagina looks like from the side. I'm so lost.

Hit the jump to see the mouse's more sexual side.


G-Point Mouse Is Not a Very Good Valentine's Gift [gizmodo]

Thanks to Brett and Maya, who informed me vaginas actually look more like the Eye of Sauron, WHICH IS WHAT I EXPECTED.

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Reader Comments

Yes, please.

Hahaha that's great.

If not for the whole vajay-jay thing, this would probably be pretty cool.


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Wow. Interesting favorite button right there. That is a good button.

Its probably safe to say, if you feel like you need or have that mouse, you probably will never be in a meaningful relationship

i have always thought about making one of these since i use my weiner to operate the mouse.

I don't see the vagina resemblence.... But it does look pretty cool!!

lol- i love the diagram.. men and lesbian's alike, take notes

I heard it doesn't work 4 days a month.

Does it come with a mouse maxi-pad?

I got a million of 'em!

If I buy one, will my computer bitch until I take it to the mall?

Every now and then you have to fill it with cranberry juice.

@7 If you dont see the vagina's ressemblance, youve been probably doin it with a sheep all along... Sorry bud, but this is a plastic vagina replica! (human)

Is it compatible with the iPad? (see what i did there?)

All i gotta ask is WHY?
I can see it now horny WoW kids screwing their mouse as their character dances naked.

Make sure you remember the date you bought it, because in a few years, that's the only day of the year you'll be able to use it.

The Donatella Versace version is made of leather.

Lindsey Lohan just bought one. I got a peek of it as she was getting out of her limo.


HA! now that i'm single again, i could use one of those :p

Only problem is when you want to use it, it'll have a headache!

Is it tounge operated?

i want one :)

Sounds perfect for the prudes at my office.

Does it leave a snail trail on your mousepad?

@ Dan, #13,
"@7 If you dont see the vagina's ressemblance, youve been probably doin it with a sheep all along... Sorry bud, but this is a plastic vagina replica! (human)"

Hey Dan,
hate to be a girl with a better bio version and all, but this is anatomically incorrect, if it is trying to replicate normal girl parts. It resembles hermaphroditic parts as a result of androgen exposure. Check it.
How come the "clit" is large and way lower than where the two "inner labia" meet? Clits usually are only visible there, and then only the head. The shaft hides out under the mons.
The location of the "clit" on this is more representative of a big hermaphroditic one or the urethra opening.
How can this be representative of a vagina if there is only labia, clitoris, and mons represented? Wheres the vaginal opening? Why mention the g spot if there is no Vagina?
This is not a vagina, boys.
It's not even a cooch.
Oh, and Dan, BTW, good luck with your finger cots when you do encounter a normal, sexy, human. Sheep don't count.

Only on Geekologie would I have to set the record straight on what a Cooch looks like.


AtomicCoffee wins this comment thread hands down.

This guy might be in the need of one after his Valentine's FAIL:


can we fuck it?

Does it come with a matching joystick?

Haha...my 2 yr old says vajayjay...wait is that bad?

In Swedish, "mus" (mouse) is a euphemism for a woman's pussy.
Just saying.

Damn I want to scroll that baby...

What's the point? It'll take at least fifteen minutes to get it to work right, and by that time you'll probably be asleep...

It needs more buttons...

#13 , #25

It is clearly, obviously, and blatantly not a replica. It's also not a representation of hermaphroditic genitals. It's also not a fucking replica of anything. It is as stated, as visualized a mouse, that is in resemblance to a vagina. A resemblance does not have to be accurate or correct in detail - hence the term.


The fact that you go on and on with your less than witty rhetoric and use of illogical references such as "androgen exposure" which is a term more properly used to physical features and not genitals highly suggests the lack of self-knowledge in your own pants.

Get the visual encyclopedia - it's about to get ugly.

@25......whoooooaaaaa easy there. Please give us guys some kind of credit will ya. Those that know whats where KNOW....those that dont, dont need a GPS surveyors map to find us. Just point us in the right direction and that will do, we'll find it. Ease up on the information. We dont need an anatomy class.

@35, damn straight, so does the real thing.

Thank you, #36.

lmao. the shadows on the mouse make it look like the vajayjay is between a couple of legs leading up to a torso

I'd like a mouse that looks like a scaly fossilized cloaca.

Doesn't look very ergonomic.

I just installed it, and now my computer keeps asking me what I'm thinking about?

The Pamela Anderson version just gave me Hepatitis-C.

I just installed it, and now the only shows that play on Hulu is Grey's Anatomy and The View.

I just installed one, and now my computer won't let me smoke in the house.

I just installed one, and now my computer won't stop beeping until I put my plate in the dishwasher.

thanks 42-46.....i havent laughed that hard in ages........

Great. This will perfectly fit my oppai mouse pad.

I installed one on my home PC yesterday, and this morning at work, my computer sent me an email saying that when I get home, "we have to talk."

Whens the dick shaped pen tablet coming?

The only reason I'd get one is so that people would actually talk to me.

Wow, really. Buy it in polished black and be done with it. Only those who gush over what it could/does look like are the ones that haven't seen the actual anatomical analogue.

Wow, if 10 couples banged at the same time, earth quake.

oops that was for the last one with the dinosaurs f*cking.. but this mouse is cool. use it to go to www.swagflavor.com don't mean to spam.. this is really a good site

[url]www.swagflavor.com [url] testing

i love that G is placed right where the butthole is supposed to be...Aieee!

Now I know what I'm getting our head of the HR department. She'll love it as I silently place it in front of her and stare until she unwraps it.

"quick access to you favorite page or e-mail"

just imagine using this with that skirt mousepad cover XD

why the heck would lesbians need to take notes for u dumass?! They already got on between their legs, all they need to do is look down and probe aroun'

Great. Now 73% of men won't be able to figure out how to work their mouse.

I can see the billy no mates queueing around the block fo this,
Anyone who knows anyone real at all wouldn't risk normal people seeing something so pathetic.

@60 haha
Proud to be in the minority.

AtomicCoffee does not win the thread. AtomicCoffee in fact loses the thread, on account of how he is apparently incapable of making a non-sexist joke. Dishy Dishyington wins the thread. That's hilarious. It's gross, but it's hilarious [grin]

My Pleasure - I think I see the source of your confusion! The favourites button is supposed to be the vagina, not the clitoris. The scroll wheel is supposed to be the clitoris.

I think it is kind of sick butttttt it dos have a goob idia to it I mean that a butten that opens your favoret emails


He was the most funny. You prude.

I just received the Persephone Hazard version, and it came with a pair of unshaved legs and an Indigo Girls CD.

@63 - Coffee wins; however, you lose at life.

If it's wireless why does mine have a string hanging outta of it.

@63 thanks glamourous Persephone, tho the credit really should go to Madonna. I was thinking of her.

Perfect! Designed for the woman who wants to pleasure herself all day, but cannot due to the tedious constraints of work! Sign me up for two (one for each hand)!

Hmm I no Im gay, but this mouse is actually turning me on ;]!!!!!........................................................................................ got bored of the g-point o back the the dildo!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS

free with every apple ipad

So that's what a wireless optical vagina looks like.

I'm not very impressed!

Pretty sure that favorite button is where the urethra goes...


iPhone Sausage Stylus

Well crapbags, that didn't work...



@14 - Probably.... it is red.

After try......
My hand is so wet......

It’s annoying that my hand sweat too much......

Does this mean I have to use protection every time I go online

For use with Apples new I-PAD!


Ohhh damn it!


Stop it. you are getting me excited.

I'm surprised no one asked for a side by side comparison...

Can't one look like a penis? LMAO

wow boys this dose not look like a pussy ok so dont try to use it to get your jollys off. Its ugly. if you wanna see a real pussy get ur ass on the internet and look at some porno.( you may have to buy this ugly mouse to do so)then you will be able to see what a real pussy looks like and stop druling over some plastic pease of crap

Can i fuck it? no really can I?

Where Can I Buy one? I always dreamed with a #33 (mus) like that. I think the sensation with it, would be gooooooood ^^

I want to buy a whole bunch of these because I know an office filled with lesbians who would love them.

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