Feb 12 2010Man Takes Bat To 29 Flatscreens At Walmart

Westley Strellis decided to test the durability of flatscreen televisions at a Georgia Walmart. With a metal baseball bat (also great for repairs) he scored from the sporting goods section. None of them passed his test. Good to know, Westley -- want a ride to Best Buy?


Thanks to Bekka, Van, meatpuppet, Motion of the Lotion and Cindy, who prefer the old fashioned punch test.

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My Hero.

no no thats not how you fix them. you gotta hit em all gentle and australian...

Where's the punch-line, Geekologie Writer.

Oh, that's right, you too f(_)cking lazy and banking on the assumption that this lame ass video will bring on the laughs.

Rot in hell.

@1 First-Homo is right.

Lots of aggression eh? Musta bought 720p instead of 1080i for the superbowl :-P

@4 Yayyyy, my first impersonater of the day!

Better than popping bubble wrap!

This did not diminish the quality of Wal-Mart products.

seriously... why dont people step in to stop things like that? are we really a country of pussies?

they all just stand around and watch.. its the same attitude that those security guards had that let the 15 year old girl get the shit kicked out of her.

So, anyone going to put this to "Die Motherfucker, Die"?

lol i was there yesterday. @9 idt anyone really cares that much

Eh, they were floor models. No one buys those anyway.


Visit my site to read my newly published story, "Ragnarok."


I don't know about you, but I couldn't give two shits for what happens to the display TV's. I'm glad you think people should step in and save material goods from abuse though.

@4, that punch-line line is a pretty good punch line. Tres meta.
@6, congrats! i immediately knew it wasn't you, and the fake naas-ies stick like glue.

@9 - I am not going to step in and grab a metal bat from a crazy who is swinging at china made products. Don't pretend you would of either.

swinging at people, of course, but products? Are you insane? If I worked there I wouldn't step in.

Smart shopper would of ran to the sporting goods department and grabbed a shotgun tho.

Is that in slo-mo or does that guy have about the pussiest swing ever? He should stick to T-ball for while before moving to the big leagues.

@9 - you are seriously comparing smashing TVs to kicking the shit out of a 15 year old girl?!?

new homework assignment from tyler durden.

People are snapping. Deep inside we all understand why he's taking his revenge on tvs. Destroy this lame invention ! Let's go back outside into nature, reconnect ! Let us free ourselves from those screens that we stare at all f#cking day long. I'm with you Insane-baseball-guy-that-swings-just-hard-enough-to-break-plasma-tvs ! Lead us into victory against modern society !!!! Kill Walmart !! ARRrrRR !!! I'll visit you in your psycho ward !!

I'd love to see you step in and try to stop this bat weilding looney with your mellon shaped head..... whats the worst that could happen?

@6 Just for the record, I impersonate you all the time...I just don't change my name on here to do it. Just sayin...

@9 Stop it?!?! Shit man...I'd PAY to see some shit like that in person. Hell naas could bring the booze, CN could bring the papers, Deez could bring the popcorn, and I could bring the fleshlights and lay-z-boys to kick back and REALLY enjoy the show. (on a side note: speaking of...where the hell is naas hiding out these days? Haven't seen him here, on Maury, or America's Most Wanted...so starting to wonder. hmmm?)

@17 Shhh...don't forget the first rule.

LOL @ #17 :D

@8 lol fucking awesome

Oh Man. That dude is gonna be in some serious trouble. He stole a baseball bat!

you know those people in COD who go around and shoot and smash all the tvs? maybe he just got confused....

@20 no... the first rule is you dont ask questions.... they didn't get hw like this till project mayhem.... and that was a different set of rules....

You are doing it wrong! You are supposed to use a Wii controler.

He was trying to smash a bee.

Was the Tyra show on by any chance?

Fuck... i live in GA... this asshole is around the corner!!!

No, I'm not right around the corner, I'm RIGHT HERE! Boo.

Look, I got this box of tissues on Craigslist. Except it's really a cleverly CONCEALED baseball BAT!!

in my country we believe that wal-mart only hires retarded pple . as they were stunning AND ran as confuzed flies ... i liked it - sure none wd ever interfere maybe at a wooden bat - may not ok - not in uninsured USA ... smashing TV's is the best u can do 2 become a Tv-star in new MTV called youtopia . Sure i had applauded big time . รง me im quite ok with the 5 entries on geekologie - no more conflicts per day - ok nothing that i know - w/o a TV since 10 ys - T.G.I.fridays no TG theres internet - ok now got it - gotta confess again - with them earlier comments i wont learn english till its too late - hope martians speakin elsewhat lol

I wish he would've spouted between each hit "I AM MARK MCGWIRE! HOME RUN!"

Its America. If someones stops him the guy with the baseball can sue them for millions.

I actually feel bad for that guy, not saying it's right what he did, but something pushed him to that... very sad.

@9 I saw a guy get hit square in the head with a mini-sledge... what did I do? I cleaned up the blood and poop he left behind after the assailant left. I also saw a guy clip another dude in the head with a framing hammer.... funny, neither event took place at a construction site.

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720p is actually better than 1080i... usually.

The reason is that you get 720 lines of resolution for every frame instead of 540 for every other frame in 1080i

But I'm guessing that the Superbowl was broadcast in 1080i... so it wouldn't have really made any difference anyway!!! (yeah, that's right, I didn't watch the Superbowl... but since I'm posting a comment on Geekologie that shouldn't really be a surprise)

Jeez what a bunch of sheep baaaabaabaaa.
As for taking the bat away; very very easy to do it; step in very close and clock him.

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