Feb 3 2010OMG OMG OMG: An iPhone 4G Spy Shot


Because I love watching all the fanboys pop Apple boners and then yelling, "QUICK -- EVERBODY LOOK!" while pointing and laughing, this is allegedly an iPhone 4G prototype sitting atop an iPad prototype. As you can see, it looks like a blurry iPhone. Possibly with a black bezel instead of a chrome one. But what really baffles me is why they decided to print 'Eng' on part of the screen. You're losing it, Apple.

Photo of Apple's next-generation iPhone in the wild - sources [appleinsider]

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did you seriously post this? your standards are slipping.



Wow, a prototype IPad and IPad, Jr. I can't wait to fire this baby up on AT&T's super-fast network!


I WENT ON GEEKOLOGIE.COM AND I...you know its comming...


ipad nano :O I finally understand

Cheese N Rice seriously if AT&T sharts out another apple product im going to have to throw up on everything in the world. Just let it be verizonified...


Long live the robots.

4D? Is there's such thing as 4D? Anyways, there's nothing impossible with technology today... Let's find out guys...

@12 i am assuming you mean "4G" not "4D" but if you are saying 4D then yes there is. And if you mean 4G then of course apple is going to have a 4G. Personally i see NO DIFFERENCE in ANY of the iPhones.

OMG OMG OMG !! a Iphone with a black casing !! -_-"

Yay, here's another over-priced piece of pointless crap I won't be paying for.

Perhaps in time I'll be persuaded to purchase this product, but my price-based perception is a possibly permanent prerogative.

P-p-p-pick up a penguin. BUT NOT A 4G iPHONE.

Hey wait a min that looks exactly the same.... of wait its Apple.

I don't think "fake" is the word you're looking for. The word is bbbbbbbbbbbLURRY!

What's the point of this photo? From the thickness of the "iphone", it appears to simply be a phone in a black slipcase...like theone I have on my iphone right now.

This is like taking a photo of Barack Obama smoking crack, but doing it with the camera lens on so you can't see anything, then insisting "It's a photo of Barack Obama smoking crack!!".

Looks like a coaster with an SD card sitting on it to me.........why are there blank boxes covering stuff in the background.

I come here to get away from this stuff meh.
I may as well have my two cents worth .. yes it is a prototype, but lets hope the design changes otherwise, Apple, your getting F**KING repetitive. Lets have a new design for a change. Where have your design filled balls gone?! how about you grow some.

I WANT THIS : http://iphoneindia.gyanin.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/iphone-concept-4g-2010.jpg

@3 Geekologie has standards?

And it's Engadget... they're always at the ready to take a hot load from Apple.

@18 The white reflection on the ipad and iphone is most probably a PC monitor. The white blank box above left could be a mouse, and the one below left is the edge of a PC keyboard. Just sayin... it's an apple prototype photo so, why else would they bother removing them from the photo in the first place?

Thats not a reflection on the alleged iphone because whatever it is, is alligned perfectly on the screen despite the phot being taken from an acute angle.....


Who gives a toss anyway. Just another crApple product for people who want to run around saying "I dont get virus's and ive never lost data (or my virginity)"

ahem....photoshoped >:P

Check out my fifth generation who gives a shit.

I don't get any viruses. But hey, if you'd rather dish out $60 a year for some decent antivirus/antispywhere software, that's your prerogative.

IPad is crap, IPod is crap. I mean, honestly, why are you people still getting excited over phones. Virgin Galactic is doing space tourism which will become the next Futuristic thing and fanboys are still preoccupied with phones...



Vanity Fair is lame...

who the fuck cares?

@25 i dont get viruses and i also dont spend money on antivirus programs. just be careful what you open and what sites you go to. wow that was easy. ive had this computer for over 6 years and not one virus. now as far as iphones go its complete crap. multitask OH im sorry nevermind.

Ya know, the best part about a sporting event is that you don't know the outcome. The best part about playing a video game is that you don't know what's going to happen next or how it's going to end. *If you always use cheat codes SEE STORY. Do you get any pleasure in sneaking in to the movie the last ten minutes just to see the end? WTF is the point of risking your job just to leak a picture of something that no one can even touch for an indeterminate amount of time?

SOME DICK WHO HATES HIS $100,000+/YEAR SOFTWARE JOB:" LOOK! Trey Parker and Matt Stone actually made the gun from Orgazmo! (Insert blurry picture)."

YOU: "Holy shit! When can I own it? I'm lonely!"

SOME DICK WHO HATES HIS $100,000+/YEAR SOFTWARE JOB: "I don't know! I'm lonely too! I just want attention from leaking this."


And yes I'm on my 5th Dale's Pale Ale. And yes that's the one in the can. And it's fucking great! EET PHUQ. GOOD NIGHT.

yeah yeah and we all say la la la
la de fucking da
fuck this

Needs more bezel.


Neither do I. Either AVG on the Windows boxes, or naked Linux.

There are already iPhone viruses in the wild, so I wouldn't be so smug. However, "smug" if a fun word to say. Smug, smug, smug. Ah, I make myself laugh.

It's a Samsung Omnia. /thread

I can honestly say this doesn't interest me in the slightest. However I did want to peruse through the comments to laugh at witty and snarky comments about apple users.....

Complain as you like, the sad sad truth out there is that you know, somebody out there apart the human race is bashing one out right now to this iPorn.

Sure looks like a Palm Pre to me.

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