Feb 15 2010Not Enough Meat: Raptor Eats Cheerleader

This is a video of the Toronto Raptor's mascot eating a cheerleader during the halftime show. Unfortunately, the mascot is one of those goofy inflatable suits and not an actual raptor, making it infinitely less cool than I had imagined before watching. Or buying this one-way ticket to Toronto. Dammit.


Thanks to Chris, Jack, Johnny Crow, El Gabo, Jon and my brother Frank, who all agree there's not enough meat on a cheerleader's bones to make it worth the effort.

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Reader Comments

did the raptor ate her kitty? poor kitty

Um Nom nom nom nom. Cheerleader bony.

I've seen a lot of stuff in my life . . . but that . . . was . . . AWESOME.

That was awesome. That's how raptors do it. If they can't bone them, they eat them.

it's funny cuz she got raped...

You'r doin it wrong! There are more fun ways to eat a cheerleader!

(Actually that was pretty funny)

Happened again at the All-Star game yesterday. Laughed so hard, so bad-ass

Did she die?

i have no doubt its real, but didnt she move so fake in the beginning? like when she was bobbing back and forth, but then it looked real...idk did anyone else notice?


LOL Awesome

i was thinking the same....

thats nothing though, i've ate tons of cheerleaders in my day

You just know that someone, somewhere, is fapping like crazy over this.

ya, his name is GW....

Haha so good to see this on geekologie. I go to Raptors games all the time and this mascot is so distracting it's hard to watch the game! hilarious!


It went so... smoothly :D


I love the beginning - he's caught in a moral dilemma between raping her or eating her. Made the smart choice I think.

GW - what the hell are you doing out of bed today??? Thought you'd be laid up for at least a week after the dino-sex special on Discovery yesterday? Don't tell me you missed it.

Cheerleader is the new fava beans.

In soviet russia, cheeerleaders eat raptors :P

This is part of the "Zooperstars" act. They do all sorts of sports games. They also tried to compete on "Americas Got Talent".

I remember the last time I danced with a mascot. It was the spring of 1923, and the Northern-South Westeastenshire Fondlers were playing the big game. Long story short, bad touch. BAD TOUCH.

hey there having sex in there u can see then jumping up and down lol

^ They're. They are having sex in there.

Where was the raptor going? To take a dump. Pom poms and nom noms are so filling.

he's taking her out back for some sexy-time

I'm waiting to see him poop her out in a little green shell like Yoshi..... just sayin

I asked a group of cheerleaders what they thought of this & their response was unanimous-- That if I let them go they wouldn't tell nobody.

If that raptor tried to eat me i would round house his ass.

RRealy dude you show that to people


bear mascots eats cheerleaders too

It's nice to see that "raptors" have become interchangeable with killer tomatoes. I mean look at that thing.

That was so freakin cool!!!!!!! how awesome was the raptor, when he was dancing right before he ate her. That was the most perfect execution of eating a cheerleader I haver ever seen!!

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