Feb 11 2010I'll Be Glued To The Television: Discovery Airing Valentine's Day Special On Dino Sex


What better way to spend Valentine's Day than home alone in front of the television at 10PM Eastern watching a Discovery Channel special on dinosaur sex? I can't think of a single one. Of course, I can't think of a better way to spend any day.

Tyrannosaurus Sex, the Discovery Channel's "new special that investigates dinosaur reproduction" and uses "ground-breaking CGI [to] bring new life to one of the last mysteries of these great beasts."

The press release for the show is a thing of both beauty and terror -- not unlike a dinosaur, really. "Tyrannosaurus Sex doesn't just answer the questions, IT SHOWS DINOSAUR SEX IN ALL ITS GLORY," it says. Please god, no. "How did a ferocious T-Rex woo his lady? How did a female Titanosaur support the weight of a male who was as long as a four-story building is high? How did a Stegosaurus couple negotiate sex with all those deadly plates and spikes?"

Oh. my. God. It's like the Discovery Channel has been rooting around in my brain! Tell me, did you find out where I parked my car last night? Right, I remember being at that club, and then -- robot threesome whaaaaat? Nope, definitely came up with this on their own.

Press Release [tvbythenumbers]
'Tyrannosaurus Sex': Jurassic spark? [popwatch]

Thanks to Ryleigh, Omid, Ben and Craig, who are all invited to come over and watch provided we never make eye contact.

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Reader Comments

"..it shows dinosaur sex in all its glory"
This show was pretty much made for GW

hope bad sex wasnt the reason they passed ... will that happen 2 mankind too - if i watch my attitudes in bed might could lol

This would only be better if there was Pie involved.

I'm excited! :3

This guy might want to take note:


first mythbusters, now...dinosaur sex. I want to say this channel is Jesus's making...but thats a bit redundant, isn't it?

Cuz that's 2 Dio-dudes going at it!!! heh, heh. Just kidding... Or am I?

So the Discovery Channel now has a show about mythical creatures having sex. Sheesh, how dumm.

Guys! This is the primary evidence that LOVE BITES! LOL. Now i know who are the descendants of the dogs! LOL

ha! I saw that this was gonna be on. and the first thing I thought was that the GW must be hard as a rock right now..

I wanna see some dino money shots..... just sayin

Does anyone know if this is on the internet yet? I missed it on V-Day and I want to watch it.

Awesome blog, thanks! Keep up the great work!

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