Feb 2 2010I Thought They Looked Familiar: Bioshock Big Daddies Actually Bomberman In Disguise


A-ha! It's really true too, once you see him he's nearly impossible to un-see. Thankfully, I have a little secret: booze. Higher proof the better. Okay, now pour it in your eyes. Can't see him anymore, can you? Good. How many fingers am I holding up? If you answered, "none, but is that you touching my butt?", yes, it is. Also, doing some squats wouldn't kill you.

You can't unsee Bomberman in BioShock 2 [joystiq]

Thanks to GuamOtoko, who once thought he saw Mario on the cover of God of War III but it turned out to be he was tripping his face off.

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I see whut you did thar. Thirstard

that's pretty freakin weak.

Thank for ruining this game.

This game will most likely be fun, but Mass Effect 2 is 100 times better.

@5 So you're comparing a FPS that hasn't come out yet with an Action-RPG that is. Riiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhht.



We need good old Daisy on this.

@9 the shadows are all wrong.
not that big daddies having strange relations with little girls they carry around them isn't wrong in the first place. lawyer? can we call pedobear on this one too?

so that's what they dropped the original hacking minigame for! xD

@9 Good old Daisy? She was an evil tyrant, last i heard she was cooperating with the machines.

dammit! i wish i could unsee that

@ 6

You may have a point, but Mass Effect 2 is still badass!

honestly... i dont get it.

@15 http://mtvgames.typepad.com/mtv_video_games_blog/images/bomberman_1.gif

who the fuck is this GuamOtoko? so full of awesome, you are.


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